Has anyone tried the Makers Diet?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Danielle, May 15, 2006.

  1. Danielle

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    I was wondering if anyone here has tried this diet. My son works with a guy. I'm not sure what disease he had but he cured himself with this diet. He had been told he would need medication for the rest of his life.

    It's a 40 day program. It is mostly organic food with probiotics and green foods with enzymes.

    The author has Crohns disease and almost died until he started this diet. I got the book and diet plan book at the library.

  2. sisland

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    i've heard of this diet! it sounds very interesting!! is it the one where you only eat food that is grown in the soil? I'm trying very hard to be a vegitarien! it's not going to bad but i have been leaning in this direction for a long time!.....................................................One thing i know is that i feel alot better if i stick to fruit veggies whole grains- nuts and yoguart and eggs -milk. hard to get away from the dairy products but try to go no fat or low fat!.................................................thanks for the book title i'll try to pic it up! sisland
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    Hi danielle, I have been on the maker's diet for about a year. I have eliminated the raw goats milk because I don't like the taste. I eat grass fed beef and wild salmon that has been lab tested for mercury and pcbs. It received a clean bill. Everything else I eat is organic. What I have noticed is that if I totally eliminate all grains, pasta, rice and potatoes I actually feel pretty good. Early man did not eat grains and our digestive systems are still pretty much like those of our early ansestors. . Of course I don't eat any sugar or white flour. The longer you eat like this the easier it becomes. I really have lost my cravings. Jess
  4. Danielle

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    The diet does include meat except pork, and any seafood with scales (no crab or shrimp and such). I think I might try it on the first when I get paid.

    It looks pretty rough for the fist 2 weeks but then adds more items. Right now I don't eat any dairy or sugar. I think what I eat does make a differenc in how I feel. I also started getting migraines this year that are brought on by certain foods.

    It's worth a try though.

  5. MamaDove

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    i just wrote a letter to jordan rubin begging him to help me...after a month long crohn's flare i am spending my thanksgiving suffering in bed, lying on my side barely able to type but determined to beat this without all the new medications, that can cause cancer...i eat very well but it comes out liquid blood now...i now have spiked a fever after a sigmoidoscopy yesterday that revealed the ugliness of this disease...i will gladly follow a diet to heal thyself and moreso to avoid the meds my docs swear by...juat letting you all know that i wish i would have done this months ago and not waited til i'm emaciated weak and feel and look like dearh...now i must gain some strength to fight back...aint gonna be easy but even the worst fibro flare beats this hands down...love to all, alicia
  6. Jillian40

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    Hello Danielle and Alicia -

    Hi, how are you doing today? I sure hope you had a nice meal in a peaceful environment today. I almost spent the day alone, but got an invitation from a good friend that I am very happy I took. It was both tasty and peaceful. Plus, I didn't overeat! YEAH.

    (Alicia, I sure am sorry to hear about your painful challenges you are facing right now with Crohns. Poor baby! I hope you start getting relief soon)

    I did read his book, then purchased another by him, called The Great Physician's Rx. Jordan Rubin is most certainly on to something!

    I got onto his web site and signed up for a free week of web support to start his diet. I decided not to join the full program, but may still at a later time. I was able to print off some recipes and menus anyway. I don't remember if the web site is The Maker's Diet or Garden of Life.
    The book I mentioned, goes through the diet, week by week, with food recommendations along with explaining in detail why certain things should be avoided and eliminated from our diets.

    I also tried 4 of his products and now use his Probiotics Formula. The ones I bought, with the use of $5 coupons, were RM-10 (mushroom complex), Living Multi and Clenzology. Oh yeah, I also got a free sample of the Super Greens. I know he is a strong recommender of Cod Liver Oil, for a good source of Omega 3.

    Anway, I am still using his principals, though not in a strict sense, like Whole Foods choices, organic when possible, fasting one partial day per week, avoiding sweetners except Stevia, and juicing, etc.

    He really spells it out in his book and website.
    I have directed 2 friends his way, as both suffer from Crohn's.

    I do feel differently and after eating healthier for the past year or so, my cravings are minimized. I now follow a lot of his recommendations without as much mental power.

    Anyone who is thinking of trying his eating plan, just remember that you don't need to do it perfectly. You learn as you go. The "why" behind his nutritional philosophies is as much a part of the learning as the actual foods you are directed to eat daily.

    I now prepare my weekly meals on Saturday and Wednesday eating lunch and dinner with much more consistency than ever before. I used to skip meals alot.

    One of my favorite things to eat is plain yogurt with blueberries.

    Well Danielle, I wish you well in researching his recommendations.

    Gentle Hugs,
    Fibro and CFIDS
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