Has anyone tried the makers diet?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deepcanyon1, Feb 25, 2009.

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    Someone recommended this to me today and said they are 85% better after a yr. Their diagnosis was CFS and EBV. So was just wondering about it when I went to amazon and read things people had to say about this diet and his other book..heal thyself it made me wonder cause they said it was more like an infomercial and also wanted you to buy his products.
    Am still confused about what I have ...am starting to wonder if I have Lyme. Is there a certain test to get to find out? And also I am so confused an it seems the more i read the more questions I have.
    Hope someone can help
    Thanks so much

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    About 5 months ago I had serious gastrointestinal problems associated with CFS and have ventured into some serious changes in my diet. The "Maker's diet" is closely related to the diet advocated in "Nourishing Traditions" which focuses on organic good fats (and lots of them), protein, soaked/sprouted grains and nuts, bone broths, raw dairy and fermented vegetables.

    These diets based on the research of Dr Weston Price (this makes for very interesting reading in itself). He was a dentist who examined the teeth in pre-industrialised regions of the world (in the 1930's) and found that those cultures that ate traditional foods based on meat/fish, organ meats, raw diary, high (good) fat and fermented foods had almost no dental and health problems (despite no toothbrushes!).

    Anyway, it all makes sense to me and I am giving it a good go but am not consuming dairy or grains at the moment (Gut and Psychology diet- GAPS). It takes a bit of getting used to being able to let myself consume fats. Even saturated fats are supposed to be good for us -I know this is controversial but you need to read the books in depth to find out why (especially "Nourishing Traditions") or you can google any of the above topics to find out more.

    So far I am getting better but I have only been on the strict version of the diet for one month so it is a bit early to tell. I really love the bone broths as I know I am getting lots of valuable minerals plus it tastes great in soups and it really soothes the stomach. I also am really enjoying cooking with virgin coconut oil. I am happy to answer any further questions you may have about this diet.

    Hope this helps and I am happy to answer any further questions.


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    I actually live in Australia and WAP is very much in its infancy so no chapter groups where I am- it is very hard/impossible to obtain some foods eg organic meats and raw dairy.

    Also my family are not fully into WAP so I have been eating separate meals from them for the last few months. As you can imagine this is hard work on top of the CFS but very necessary for my health.

    Have you noticed any health benefits from eating this way?

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    Hi Snez. I am part of the Melbourne group of WAP.

    Here are the contact details - you email to join the mailing list. I think there's other groups around Australia, Arabella Forge runs the Melbourne one. Im sure she would know of other groups too.


    Arabella Forge
    Melbourne Chapter, The Weston A. Price Foundation
    www.westonaprice.org, e: wapfmelbourne@gmail.com
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  6. debshomeed

    debshomeed New Member

    Hopefully there is a Hobart WAP group, I'll look into it and thanks for the help.


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