Has anyone tried the PAPIMI treatment in the USA

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karalyn, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. karalyn

    karalyn New Member

    I am in NZ and we have the first one here in the country. A nice american man bought one and very costly. If you punch in Pap-imi on google you will read about it. It is suppose to be good for fibro and other diseases. I have been a couple of times and the pain goes away straight away and you end up so energised. I need to do a few more treatments to see how it goes? Anyone else tried it?
  2. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Where abouts in NZ is this? (I am just south of Hamilton!) I had a quick search for it and it's magnetic pulses is that right? Do you suffer from headaches/migraines and if so, how does this treatment affect them? Also how much are the treatments costing?
  3. karalyn

    karalyn New Member

    Near Nelson. The machine is here in Takaka, and the sessions are $40 each, It is amazing for pain and really gives you energy. I went my first day and i was really unwell in pain and slurred speech and the rest.!! And i came out pain free and felt amazing. Aparently you have to have a couple of treatments a week to keep cells energized to get well. When we have illnesses our cells are sick and weak and cant function properly to take all the neutrients in, so apparently this is what this machine does? I have only done 4 treatments so far, There is a website with case stories its quite interesting. Lots of people with cancer and other diseases have come out clear no cancer etc? I still havent read alot about it yet. My email address is maxwell@ts.co.nz if you want more info as im not on this message board much.
  4. karalyn

    karalyn New Member

    it gets rid of migraines headaches. I think i heard it gets rid of them for good. But i havent read much about them either just some success stories.
  5. karalyn

    karalyn New Member

    Heard of the Pap-imi machine and has success??

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