Has Anyone Tried This Product MMS - The Miracle Mineral Solution

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    Hi all,

    I know a while back there was a lot of discussion on the board regarding this product, it was new at the time. Wanted to find out if anyone has tried this and if you could share your experiences before I order it? I get a lot of infections and am looking for options. Thank you very much.
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    waynesrhythm had a post about it, you might want to try finding it. You're right, there is a LOT of info on that post. Also there are videos about it on youtube, btw.

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    The search feature here appears to be FINALLY working!!!!

    here's the url to waynesrhythm's thread about it:


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    Hi Wrthster,

    I posted fairly extensively this past summer on my own experience with MMS on a thread entitled Jump Starting Mitochondria with MMS ? [DCA Notes]


    I felt it helped me considerably but stopped my experiment when I left on an extended trip. I've still not returned to Oregon, but anticipate starting it again when I get back and can better monitor my progress.

    It doesn't take much research to find numerous examples of people getting remarkable results for a variety of physical ailments.

    Best to you if you decide to try this out for yourself. I suggest starting very slowly if you do.

    Regards, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 12/28/2008]
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    Regarding any/all alternative protocols... anecdotal reports are what spurs interest to start with, and how many medicines have been discovered. Unfortunately unless there's a lot of money to be made, which is only if it can be synthesized or a patent can be secured on it as intellectual property, few institutions have the money to research such things these days as in the past. Perhaps some who sell it do mlm 'marketing', but that's not how my family got it nor how I've seen it sold.

    As Wayne has said, I have also seen it help some members of my family personally without any bad side effects - in fact they were feeling better and better. I have not tried it myself, yet.

    It sort of reminds me of how tagamet/cimetidine helps many with shingles and herpes simplex, yet this information is not shared by physicians as valtrex is pushed by the drug companies -- even tho there are a LOT of studies showing that it works very well, not only for those infections but for some cancers. However, it is out of patent, so there's no big bucks. Few doctors have the time to research these things on their own in journals even when there is research concerning it.

    just my final thoughts. I am glad we have the freedom of choice in our country.

    All the best,
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    Often we have nothing but anecdotal reports to go on initially... we are free to make our own choices. What we read was not from sites that sold MSM. It is being talked about in a lot of communities online who have tried it themselves, with varying results. Again, no one thing works or is safe for everyone. We all always have to be cautious.

    Happy new year, good poem on the ChitChat site btw....

    all the best,
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    I was talking about MMS. Yes, one can believe anything one wants, including that vitamins are worthless, as put forth by some reputed reputable media.
    No problem in agreeing to disagree... I'm always amazed at how something I didn't believe in can work despite my disbelief. And vice versa. Human body is amazing...

    have a good year, all the best...
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    I think it's kind of disingenuous that that "Humble" guy claims to have "discovered" this antibacterial, antimicrobial "MIRACLE MINERAL SUPPLEMENT", when all it is (after you mix it up with citric acid) is in fact chlorine dioxide.

    BUT...chlorine dioxide at the proper dose, is reportedly quite safe. In fact it's approved by the FDA to spray on meats to kill off and/or prevent salmonella and e. coli.

    It's sold at recreational and camping stores for people who go hiking to use to PURIFY river and lake water (loaded with parasites, bacteria, etc..) so that they can drink it safely.

    So...my two cents: While you're so right to urge some caution and yes, 'be careful and choose wisely -- I think that it may actually have some potential benefits.

    I personally wouldn't buy the MMS stuff, I'd just go and get the chlorine dioxide capsules/pills at a camping/hiking supply store. Probably a lot cheaper?

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    MMS Miracle Mineral Solution is sodium chlorite (a form of chlorine). They want you to add citric acid to it to turn it to chloride doxide - another form of chlorine and exactly what is used as the chemical in swimming pools.

    Chloride dioxide is one the most dangerous of all chemicals. It causes cancer, birth defects, infertility, damages kidneys, liver, the nervous system and is rated among the worst chemicals for damaging the eco-system.

    See www.inoneminutecure.com/mms.htm

    for more details.

    The Multi Level Marketing company that picked up this old wackos book - he claims that because chlorine kills germs therefore if you drink it in concentrated form it will kill disease - put their army of affiliate sellers who get a big commission writing fake testimonials, posting fake studies, swearing WILL cure everything from cancer to snoring - in hundreds and hundreds of websites - including paid advertising.

    This product, Miracle Mineral Supplement pushed by MLM companies is no different than in the 1920s when those same type people and companies were taking out magazine ads literally selling radioactive water as the cure to all diseases - claiming radiation kills germs and virus so therefore radiation will cure everything including cancer - just like the affiliate advertisers and that old wacko claim that drinking cancer and health destructive chlorine will cure all diseases.

    Most scams don't hurt you. They just take your money. This one can (and will) destroy your health and ultimately kill you.
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    Here's a bibliography of published articles and other info:

    (in green portion)



    and some other links are at:
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    I find it hard when someone bumps an old post and make it all the way down to yours.

    Perhaps one post written by you?



    ETA I see you did this. Much easier on the eyes as well as the brain.

    While there are often lengthy posts, I usually am reading them as they are posted so do not necessarily need to go back and reread all the previous posts.
    Thanks. Have you tried to reach Wayne on Cort's site, Phoenix Rising? You can even PM him.

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    Started this treatment today and as far as being a poison what do you think alcohol is and what effects is has on the body yet people consume it? In fact ,I normally don't drink but had about four drinks today and felt the effects I took my first dose of MMS and funny I felt completely sober in about 1 hour no kidding! Maybe stupid but I wanted to see what would happen I didn't get sick either.
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    Hi all... someone asked for a real testimony about MMS and I'd say it WORKS. Within the past 3 weeks I used it for the first time on 1) myself (cured a bad sore throat within 24 hours), then 2) my husband (his 3 week cough disappeared in less than a day), and most recently, 3)my daughter (she had a cold for 2 days and I gave her the MMS finally yesterday afternoon--today she's fine!).

    If it worked one time, I'd call it a coincidence...but 3 times pretty much convinces me.

    As for doctor-prescribed meds, they're not all that safe. My mother had a terrible reaction to an antibiotic (Bactrim) that lasted for over a month. To this day, the vision in her left eye is still blurry. Very scary!! (Go to AskaPatient.com and type in your medication to see what others have to say).

    If you want to see who I am (I don't sell MMS!) check out my blog: http://MidlifeKauaiSis.blogspot.com )

  15. kalinat

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    First of all, I used it on three different occasions within the past 3 weeks and it worked within 24 hours to completely cure cold/flu. This happened to myself, my husband, and daughter. If it had been one incident, it could've been coincidental, but three times? Usually I use Zicam and Grapefruit Seed Extract for colds/flu and they're effective, but in this case, they didn't work (weird virus??). This is why I turned to MMS, which my sister had bought and recommended.

    On a website that sells the solution they gave the actual recipe for making it yourself...not very complicated, but I thought it was easier to just pay the $20. What scam product website will tell you to make it yourself?

    It's amusing to me how people are quick to call non-prescribed medicines "scams" when there are so many bad PRESCRIBED, FDA-approved meds out there wreaking havoc. Just go to askapatient.com and look up Fosamax, Boniva, and Bactrim. I have personal experience with Bactrim: I had to nurse my mom when she took Bactrim and had a terrible reaction. She is not a sensitive, allergic person, but a healthy, physically active woman who never was bed-ridden in her life, even with the flu! Bactrim was prescribed for a mere stye (eye) and had her unable to get out of bed with blurred vision (in the OTHER eye, not the one with the stye!), extreme fatigue (lasted over a month), hallucinations, diarrhea, etc. etc. When I went to Askapatient.com I was stunned to see she was not the only one who got this reaction.
    She still has blurred vision almost a year later, by the way. So much for "safe" meds.

    I would not at this point take MMS daily until I've read everything I can, but I feel good to have it on hand. When you hear so much talk about drug-resistant bacteria, flu epidemics, etc., I feel it's good to have it available.

    You think a product that cures "everything" can't be good? Well if a product kills microbes, which in turn cause all these diseases, what's difficult to understand? It's like you're saying "Don't trust people who tell you to wash your hands to prevent illnesses!! A simple thing like that can't be true!" *LOL*

    I would say "TRY it yourself before deciding what to think about MMS"....or at least do a lot more research rather than basing your "thoughts" on assumptions.
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    Faith Drops have not wanted to associate themselves with MMS but one of the main ingredients in Faith Drops is MMS. There is over 3000 pages of documentation on the effectiveness of Faith Drops.

    With over 20 years of research done in South Africa, Faith Drops will soon become the leader in MMS due to the fact it has a proprietary blend of natural extracts which assist in the removal of the dead pathogens. Faith Drops will be the No.1 immune booster in the USA within the next few years. To read more on the compounds visit: http://www.FaithDrops.co.za/

    Extensive testing of FAITH™ Drops has been carried out for several years in Africa which has provided the most amazing results. Patients with various diseases from Malaria, AIDS, Cancer, TB, Hepatitis A, B and C, to name but a few, have been successfully treated whilst supplementing their allopathic medicines with FAITH™ Drops.

    In most cases, patients recovered completely, the time factor depending on the various diseases varied between 3 hours to four weeks. Other patients with less life threatening illnesses have all shown remarkable recovery whilst supplementing with FAITH™ Drops.
    FAITH™ Drops aids the immune system to overcome various ailments that are caused by germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and poisons, by targeting any pathogens that have an acidic pH level that are harmful to the body. The human body has very few mechanisms that can differentiate between oxygen and chlorine dioxide, and since red blood cells cannot tell the difference, when FAITH™ enters the stomach, absorption mechanisms in the stomach walls allow the red blood cells to absorb the chlorine dioxide and carry it to various areas of the body where oxygen ions are normally taken. When the Chlorine Dioxide ion comes into contact with a harmful pathogen, it instantly accepts 8 electrons and an extremely fast chemical reaction takes place in the form of a small explosion at microscopic levels. On impact with a pathogen it would in a milisecond produces Hypochlorous Acid which upon contact destroys the potentially dangerous cells in the human body. Hypochlorous Acid is the weapon that the white blood cell uses to kill parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses, tumor cells, natural killer cells and waste. The extracts in FAITH™ Drops ensure that the SCD residue is turned into harmless Chloride (table salt) and subsequently expelled from the cells and tissues through urine and stools.

    FAITH kills pathogens by oxidation, AND as a result of the 12 herbal extracts renders the residue harmless and aids in the complete removal of al toxins and chemicals in the body.

    The question that is posed to me frequently is why does FAITH™ Drops comprise of 12 herbal extracts from which 18 important compounds resulted that are suspended in a chlorite solution. My explanation is a simple but important one. I have summarized it below and I explain the function of the herbal extracts and the various compounds and the subsequent transference ions and the importance of removing any toxic residue.

    1. Compound 1: (which we call the destroyer) is toxic and within hours of being introduced into the human body breaks down into hydrochloric acid which is subsequently utilized by the immune system as a means to burn pathogens and germs.

    2. Compound 2, a gelling agent that stops the body’s laminin from separating, and on entering the body undergoes primary metabolism, destroying the outer shell of a pathogen. This causes the pathogen to lose weight, lose energy and become more vulnerable. The process is almost as if one is introducing a virus to the virus.

    3. Compound 3 : (commonly known as the “nuclear factor K.B”), which is used by the killer cell in the white blood cell, regulates the immunes response to attack pathogens. As the primary cause of a weak immune system is inflammation, the 6-methoxychromane acts as an anti-inflammatory to the white blood cell.

    4. Compound 4: is a parting compound whose function is to harden cells with a pH below 5, making them more solid and easily targeted by the white blood cells. This action results in the toxins being more easily removed from the body, and plays a major role in ensuring that the toxins do not damage any organs.

    5. Compound 5: which is an excellent cancer fighter, sterilizes the body within minutes of entering the human. It cauterizes, sealing off open vessels and nerve ends. It affects gene expressions and is associated with decreased Methylation of DNA in the promoter region of the gene. It decreases the frequency of the CAA ? AAA mutations, loss of Heterozygosity on chromosomes 5 and 6 in the liver tumors, and is also effective in carcinomas. In addition, it causes DNA Hypomethylation, tricking the body into a process called Bio-transformation making the carcinogen more water soluble so it can be removed from the body. This process allows the body to readily detox and aids in the removal of poisons out of the tissues.

    6. Compound 6: is a membrane protein. It ensures the stability of cells. With its cell recognition
    proteins, it allows cells to identify and interact with each other. These proteins are involved in immune response. The transport proteins play a big role in the maintenance of the ions that we artificially introduce. These transport proteins come in two forms: (1) carrier proteins and (2) channel proteins. The carrier proteins are involved in using the energy released from ATP being broken down to facilitate active transport and ion exchange. These processes ensure that useful substances are able to enter the cell and that toxic substances are pumped out of the cell – e.g. cancer cell toxins, dead matter (pathogens) as well as the chlorite ion that is so dangerous.

    7. Compound 7: is used to target the brain, the pituitary gland and the pineal gland and is an excellent blood brain barrier penetration medium. Methoxyphenyl is highly effective in human MX 1 breast cancer models and is used as an anti-cancer clinical candidate.

    8. Compound 8: targets the pancreas and moderates the effects of insulin – reducing diabetes in humans.

    9. Compound 9: has anti-microbial properties which raises the metabolism of the cells that in turn releases enzymes into the intestinal tract. This then activates the thyroid (the thyroid controls how quickly the body burns energy, or makes proteins), and also controls how sensitive the body should be to other hormones.

    10. Compound 10: is used in post menopausal osteoporosis as well as the loss of estrogen production which is usually as a result of the side-effects of chlorine in our water systems used or as in chlorite used in OTHER MMS products. We have added the Methoxychromane to balance these side effects.

    11. Compound 11: stores chemical energy and produces hormone-like substances which function on blood clotting. It also regulates blood pressure and inflammation response to infection, this in tunre aids the immune system in functioning more effectively. To our horror in past research we discovered that inflammation and blood clotting were a primary concern in most patients as a result of medications and after effects of radiation and chemo treatment.

    12. Compound 12: does not store chemical energy and works in conjunction with Palmitic acid.

    13. Compound 13: was introduced to protect the heart, liver and kidneys from toxic compounds. We have found toxic ions like chemo, chlorite, and radiation damage the organs and the patient, whilst ridding themselves of the cancer cells usually die from organ failure. Thymoquinone is an excellent cancer fighting agent if used correctly and helps the liver recover quickly.

    14. Compound 14: controls photo-chemical behaviour when treating intestinal inflammation and/or intestinal mucosa thereby reducing bowel disease. By making use of Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide Gas (SCD) the bowl and intestines usually become irritated and to counteract this we introduced this compound.

    15. Compound 15: Whilst studying fire ants, mosquitoes and various insects during the development of FAITH™, we discovered that the pheromone with the component Orgyia found in Nonacosane ,Loliolide and Di-Hydroactinidiolide (which is usually used in”queen” recognition) was used to lure germs, bacteria, viruses etc. to a component which is transported in a red blood cell or in the body’s Hydrochloric Acid. This is absorbed by the T and B cells of the white blood cell which upon contact with pathogens activates the K-cell and effectively destroys it.

    16. Compound 16 and Compound 17: are building blocks in organic synthesis. What we discovered
    whilst struggling to find a “cure” for the Aids virus, is that the virus, upon entering the body, takes 24
    hours to mutate and bind the RNA to the DNA in cells. The host virus is usually only controlled by
    ARV’s and not eradicated entirely, thus resulting in “no cure medications”. Whilst the FAITH™ Drops
    are being administered, Carboxylic acids accumulate and as the number of chlorine atoms increases,
    so does the electro negativity increase, resulting in the molecule adopting a more ionic character. This
    process causes the DNA, RNA and protein to precipitate out of solution making it possible to target and
    attack the HIV virus.
    17. Compound 18: has an effect known as “cracking” which breaks larger molecules into smaller ones. This action is brought about during the absorption of FAITH™ Drops which enables the formulation to target and destroy pathogens and disease in the body.
    Our FAITH™ Drops was formulated based on studies that have been carried out over many years and which have been documented by various laboratories and institutes worldwide.

    *This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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    I know this is a bit of an older discussion, but since this web page was put out after the last post and just in case some lost soul accidentally stumbles across this page. This is what the FDA says about MMS.


    Here are a couple tidbits from the warning in case you don't feel like clicking the link.

    FDA warned consumers not to consume or use Miracle Mineral Solution, an oral liquid solution also known as "Miracle Mineral Supplement" or "MMS." The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.

    The product instructs consumers to mix the 28 percent sodium chlorite solution with an acid such as citrus juice. This mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment.

    Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away. The FDA advises consumers who have experienced any negative side effects from MMS to consult a health care professional as soon as possible.

    Here is what OSHA has to say about chlorine dioxide

    Now I know this is coming from the government and I'm sure I'm going to get many of you are going to say that you can't trust the government, but the FDA is staffed by a lot of good highly trained scientists that really understand these issues. These are the same people responsible for the E coli spinach and tomatoes recalls. If you would trust them to test the safety of your fruits and vegetables then why not about dangerous chemicals? If you’re going to stick with the evils of the government argument then you should stand by your convictions and eat the tainted food that the FDA tries to recall as well. And before you dismiss the data in favor of the big pharma conspiracy know this. The US lost more in yearly GNP in the recent E coli and Salmonella recalls then it made in prescription sales by any stretch of the imagination. So why would they lie about MMS to save money and not the E coli exposure?
  18. u&iraok

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    MMS is Sodium Chlorite. And it is changed into chlorine dioxide, a safe bactericide, when DILUTED in water.

    A quote from the article:

    "According to the FDA, the mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment."

    That's a funny statement. What are they trying to say, technically? Are they trying to scare you by putting the word 'potent' before the word, 'bleach'? And isn't water treatment good? Chlorine is also a water treatment but Chlorine Dioxide is safer because it doesn't create the harmful compounds Chlorine does when it enters the body, such as trihalomethanes. There's no evidence of Chlorine Dioxide producing harmful compounds. MMS is a safer water treatment than Chlorine.

    As for this statement:

    "At the doses consumers would ingest under these directions, this agent is known to cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration, the FDA said."

    Ever hear of herxing? The Herxheimer reaction? This is a good thing because it means you are killing toxins and expelling them from your body. If you are taking too much of something that causes herxing to this degree you need to back off. Vomiting is a good sign that you're taking too much. You always start slow and work up with MMS but I'm sure there's people who decided to start off taking too much. You start with 1 drop in water. 1 drop.

    People with Lyme usually have a lot of herxing on MMS. Personally, I never experienced vomiting or diarrhea, just a little nausea but after taking it for two months I experienced great benefits.

    No science in this article, just bandying words like 'bleach' about.

    Here's the real gist of the article:

    "The FDA has threatened civil or criminal enforcement actions against businesses and individuals selling MMS."

    They want to be able to put a stop to MMS. You can decide whether you trust the FDA and whether or not they're in the pharmaceutical companies' pockets of which MMS is a threat or whether their purpose is just to keep us safe from MMS.
  19. u&iraok

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    MMS is already used as a water purifier, even the article quoted above admits that, so it must be safe. It's also in use as a disinfectant for food preparation surfaces and as a spray to sanitize meat. Farmers use it on their cow's udders to sanitize them. It works the same way in the body to kill pathogens.

    MMS is an oxidizer. It's well known that many pathogens are sensitive to oxidants. The body itself produces oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide to fight pathogens and cancer. The immune system uses hypochlorous acid, an oxidant, to fight parasites.

    Oxidants are electron grabbers but that doesn't mean they go around grabbing electrons from any and everything. They do recognize pathogens because they are not normal to the body and exist out of a ph range that is normal to the body, which is under 7 and therefore acidic, and have a positive charge. They ignore the healthy cells which are not acidic and have a negative charge.

    (Incidentally, this is why you hear so much about balancing your ph and not having an acidic body because pathogens grow in this environment.)

  20. gapsych

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    I am so glad that you know the medical side and how these so called "treatments" work and can weed out the pseudoscience. You provide valuable information.

    Thank you.


    I find it interesting that the poster Africancures, only posted once. They are notorious for going on different websites and posting to sell their product. Very telling.

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