Has Anyone Tried This Product MMS - The Miracle Mineral Solution

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    "The FDA has threatened civil or criminal enforcement actions against businesses and individuals selling MMS."

    Thank goodness as MMS is not regulated and it takes something serious for them to send out a warning.

    MMS is banned in several countries where they are more focused on quality control than in the US where a supplement company can make vague claims about what effects or cures a product may have as well as no regulation until after they have been on the market, providing a very lucrative profit.

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    There are also a lot of red flags. JohnZ has posted eight times about the above website.

    Every post is about the website.

    Five were posted today and another three on a previous day.

    You may have met your match. The members of PH are smarter than you think.
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    Good to see that natural selection will weed out all those stupid enough to ignore the warnings about this snake oil.
    Keep on taking the medicine folks.
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    Hi Wayne

    I am new to this site and am wondering if you ever settled back in Eugene and tried MMS to tell about it. I have chronic lymphocytic leukemia and am thinking of trialing this ASAP when I have more info on it. I like the concept and am positive about its potential. Do you have any feedback for me to digest?

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    Hi Tina,

    MMS was just discussed recently on another forum. There's an excellent post there you may want to check out:


    In the post, Kurt had this to say about cancer: "I have a relative who is using CDS (MMS) as an adjunct to chemo therapy and her tumor markers went down so fast the cancer nurses said she should be celebrating, the drop was unusual. She also was able to stop chemo sooner than usual."

    CDS is a somewhat different form of MMS, supposedly much better and safer to use than MMS.

    Best Regards, Wayne
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