has anyone tried this?

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    Had to change doctors due to insurance changes. Now I have to start all over. With a doctor trying things out that he feels should work. The new doc gave me celebrex. just wondering if anyone here takes it. Am I just wasting my time. I need something to take the pain and anxoius feeling I get with this. it is terrible. I feel so nervous sometimes and hurt so bad all over that the only thing that usually takes that away is some hydrocodone. On top of that I have 4 children all under the age of 7 and the youngest one is 10 months old. One of my daughters has cystic fibrosis, so I keep extremely busy with her meds. Just to add to the stress level when one of these spells hit.
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    Hello Kita, Echos here.
    I have tried celebrex with no results. I couldn't even tell I was taking something. I gave it a week and felt no change. This is like taking Motrin or aleve or Ibuprofen. It works differently for everyone so I would just try it to say you did. Who knows, it just might work.
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    Hi Kita, just wanted to welcome you to the board. I don't take Celebrex, but I know a lot of others here do, so they will be here soon to share their experience with you.

    I hope you get something soon to help you, that is a very big job you have with three children and one of then ill too.

    Take care of yourself, you have a big job ahead with the children.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    The only noticeable difference was that it made my hands feel so cold. From what I understand Celebrex is for the pain associated with the inflamation of arthritis, so it really wasn't appropriate for my FM since I don't have the inflamation. I understand having to start over with new doctors. I am having to do just that. And even though I've already tried something, they want to try again because they weren't part of it. What a waste of time. Also, my old insurance was excellent as far as drug coverage. I was given oxycontin for my really painful days, it wasn't ideal, but it did make my severe headaches go away so I could get on with my day, or get a little sleep. My new insurance will only cover it for terminally ill cancer patients-does that make sense??? Anyway, good luck. You certainly have your hands full!
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    Hi Kita~~Although I am 53 and have had FM/CFS since I was 15, I was given the celebrex for my osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative disc disease two years ago. It was absolutely worthless. I couldn't tell I was taking anything, got no relief, nothing but an upset stomach.

    First, the Orthopedist put me on naprosen which tore my stomach up; next he put me on vioxx which actually helped some, but caused internal bleeding so I had to stop taking it; then he put me on celebrex which was quite expensive for a month's supply of no relief.

    Finally, this past December I asked my regular physician to change the celebrex to 20mgs of Bextra a day, and I immediately felt a difference the next morning.

    However, all of these meds are for "inflamation" primarily prescribed for people with arthritis. Not FM. My understanding is FM is not an inflamatory disease. At least none of the anti--inflamatories I have tried over the years have helped my FM one bit--not even the Bextra.

    The only thing that has given me relief from the FM/CFS I have had since the age of 15 is the narcotics I was put on two years ago for my back problems. Beautiful, Wonderful, Relief At Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(plus soma and klonopin!)

    If the celebrex hasn't helped you in a month--it isn't going to. Don't waste your money. You have your hands full, are forced to be constantly physically active with your children, and have alot of stress to contend with. My hats off to you! You must be some kind of SuperWoman. But, keep looking until you find a provider that will help you with your pain and anxiety. I would first recommend a Pain Specialist since prescribing narcotics for chronic pain is their speciality, and they are not as paranoid about the DEA looking over their shoulder.

    Lortab (hydrocodone) or percocet are good for pain and klonopin is good for anxiety, restless legs, seizures,and sleep. For my back problems (not the FM) I take 20mgs of oxycontin 3x's a day; 3 10mg percocets a day for breakthrough pain, 2 soma for a muscle relaxer a day, and 1mg of klonopin at night for restless legs and refreshing sleep.

    I hope you find a good, understanding, supportive provider that will help you get the relief you deserve. No one should suffer needlessly. Best Wishes to You, Carol..
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    to no avail. These drugs treat inflamation associated with arthritis pain. If you dont have inflamation, they don't work. My sed rate (ESR on tests) is anywhere between 1 and 7, 9 being normal. I have told my doctor to stop prescribing drugs like these since there are no tests indicating that I should have them and anyway, they don't work for me. Check your sed rate and ask your dr why he is prescribing this. good luck

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    thank you for all of your responses. I did take a celebrex and did wake up this morning feeling the same way. I will give it a couple of days and call him back and tell his nurse that it just not working. I did not figure that it would because of it being for arthritis. I am back taking my ultram. It works all right for a little while and then it seems like I have not taken anything. So then I go back to the hydros, or slip in a promethezine to get some sleep. I have a great link if anyone wants it for a free bag for arthritis. Just e-mail me and I will send you the link.
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    Celebrex by itself didn't help me. I am a high school band director with 14 hour days and 140 teenagers....I have tried so many things and the only thing that did away with the pain was vicadin, but that isn't good to be on while working with kids...so my doc hit on Celebrex and Tramadol, which works the best of anything so far. sometimes I think it isn't helping, so I get grumpy and quit taking it and then I see how much it is helping. Good luck.
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    I found out that I cant take nsaids because they make my heart go 230 beats per minute!!! I am very sensitive to them and they didnt help anyway. Sounds like your doc is trying to avoid opiods. I wouldnt waste my time on them and besides they are being sued right now because of stomach bleeding.