Has anyone tryed MALIC ACID and MAGNESIUM

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gennief, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. gennief

    gennief New Member

    I've heard only good things about it (after gotten use to).
    I ordered some and have my fingers crossed.
  2. waltz

    waltz New Member

    I have tried malic acid but not magnesium. And only malic acid from food. Sources of malic acid include apple cider vinegar, sour apples, and dried sour plums such as Japanese umeboshi and Chinese hua mei (and perhaps prunes, I'm not sure.) I had the hua mei and I believe it helps.
  3. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Yes, I use magnesium malate with malic acid every day and have been using it for a couple of years. Magnesium is crucial for lots of metabolic functions and malic acid can reduce the buildup of lactic acid.

    This is from my notes:

    Malic Acid - 500mg - Malic Acid is found in a variety of foods. It is a vital nutrient needed for the production of cellular energy (Krebs cycle). Malic acid helps boost cellular energy and reduce achy muscles. It removes unwanted waste material from muscle cells including lactic acid, a byproduct of oxygen deficiency. Lactic acid has been implicated as one reason for achy muscles. Lactic acid may accumulate in muscles after periods of anaerobic and aerobic exercise. It may also be involved in the trigger point pains associated with fibromyalgia (9). "Malic acid gave subjective improvement within 48 hours in one studyƤ" Sherry Rodgers M.D. ,Pain Free in Six Weeks.

    What form of magnesium are you getting? I hope it's not oxide.

    best wishes

  4. waltz

    waltz New Member

    That's interesting... I had also figured that might be how malic acid works, from biology. Hadn't heard of Sherry Rogers before. I just tried Googling her name. Although there are quite a few search results, none of them look particularly official. Are there any best Web sites where I can learn about her work and background? Or which book of hers is best to check out? Thanks.
  5. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    When I put that quote in my notes, it was just an easy way of summing up malic acid for myself. I haven't read Roger's books, but there are several at amazon where you can read reviews. That's what's so great about amazon, you get to look inside books and read what other readers think.

    As for anything official, she is pretty much an alternative doctor since she uses supplements so I don't think you'll find anything too official about her.

    best wishes


  6. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I have been taking it for 10 years. It helps you tremendously.
    A lot of people start taking it in this support group. They dont hurt quite as much. I get it and my vitamins from to your health only out of Arizona. I also take multi gold. It is not a pyramid or a scheme, just they send you a pamphlet. The guy that owns it i think. Has fibromyalgia they have been in business quite a while.
    i have tried Malic acid from some health food stores and the one i buy is different.
    i am to sleepy to know why right now
  7. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member

    Does this guy have a Web Site??

  8. romalaw

    romalaw Member

    I have taken magnesium and malic acid for 9 years. It really helps alleviate muscle and joint pain. Whenever I've discontinued it, I can feel it within a few days.
  9. kallsup

    kallsup New Member

    These supplements are part of my protocol. See my most recent post. Magnesium is always part of the approach, but malic acid is used in the recovery phase and you may be able to drop it after you are pain free. The supplements will work best if you eat dinner early and then do not eat until the next morning. See my posts for an explanation. Fibromyalgia IS a malfunctioning Krebs Cycle.
  10. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member

    Do you order on line or use the health food store?

    My daughter just found out about this through a friend and is so excited that I will be cured. I also have CFID along with FM.

    So the MALIC ACID W/MANESIUM helps with the aches and pain right? Does it do anything at all for the fatigue?

    I'll try Rite Aid today, they have a GNC department in the store.

    If this is helping so many people why don't more doctors know about this??? It should me a big news story.

    I just don't get it anymore. I'm down this week and it's only Wednesday.

  11. hensue

    hensue New Member

    helps pain take four in morning and foor at night for 12 years. Also gets me warmer for a while get it from To your health only.
    called fibro-care. magnesium and malic acid.
    They are wonderful there.
    to your health inc. fountain hills, AZ 85268
    it is lab tested
    doc's recommend it.
    I have had a lot of people in my support group get it.
    They have told me it makes a huge difference.
    I get no profit off of it.
    nada nothing
    just a great product
    The owner has fibro and chronic fatique.
  12. Empower

    Empower New Member

    didn't do anything for me
  13. hensue

    hensue New Member

    ther number in arizona is 1-800-801-1406.
    This has been tested i only by two things and that is always fibro-care. Try to keep multi gold.
    Dr Mark pellegrino
    Has fibromyalgia for some time now. So he knows about the studies. I really believe stongly in their products. Quality wise if i am going to pay for something. I want the right stuff. Of course yu could get carried away and order everything on there. He has a shake that everything is in it. He is right there with the rest of as fars as pain and fatique.
    They have been in business a while.
  14. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Was jsut going back to look at something. Noticed Dr Mark pellegrino. Live chat Sept 19 that was weird. He is well known in the ME/chronic fatique and fibromyalgia area.
  15. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    I started taking a magnesium with calcium supplement back when I was diagnosed (or before? I forget) and I think it helped a lot.

    I had a lot of muscle pain, knots and spasms (not to mention trigger points) and that magnesium (in addition to other dietary and lifestyle changes) helped a lot. I would notice if I missed my cal/mag supplement for a couple days I would have an increase in my muscle symptoms- pretty clear evidence to me!!

    Magnesium is supposed to help A LOT with all things muscle related, such as cramps etc. Just be careful not too take too much, it triggers diarrhea.

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