Has anyone used acupuncture for fatigue?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by isiselixir, May 8, 2009.

  1. isiselixir

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    It didn't help me and in the end my practitioner became dismayed that I wasn't responding. She said her AIDS patients responded better than me.

    Later on I read that people with CFS and FMS don't respond to acupuncture, or if we respond, the effects don't last like they're supposed to.

    My practitioner looked really sad one day and said to me that my system was broken. She was the 6th Acupuncturist I had seen and she had become one after being a pharmacist first. She had life-threatening asthma that was cured by acupuncture and went to school to become one and graduated at the top of her class. She was the best of the 6 I had seen. Neither of us knew at that time that there were reports saying CFSers and fibromites don't respond to acupuncture.

    Just doing a quick search on Google now on it and I don't see the negative reports I saw a few years ago for us. Now they say it can help us. Maybe it does help some of us. That would be normal for us. Or maybe they genuinely believe they can help us but can't. Or maybe they like the fact that they can make so much money off of us since we have to keep coming back. Cause I'm pretty sure that if it does work for some of us, it isn't a cure and someone in our shoes would need ongoing treatment for life.

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    I have FM w/fatigue and pain along with several other diagnoses. I have had acupuncture for about 5 years now. I can only afford every 2-3 months even though dr. recommends it more often. When I've had a flare-up of pain and it doesn't go away, or my memory is fried, or I just want to sleep all the time, then acupuncture works. I feel awesome immediately but the next few days I am sore (not as bad as when I have a flare-up). Then, I'm pretty good for a week or 2 but as the flare-ups comeback, the pain begins to build.

    What acupuncture does for me is that it brings my pain down to a tolerable level. It loosens up areas of muscles that have knotted up or has hard blobs in them and makes them smaller. It helps with my depression, perhaps because I can move around easier. If I didn't get the acupuncture, I think I would just continually get worse to the point I wouldn't be able to move much at all.

    I am unable to exercise or even do yoga. If I could I would use those methods along with the acupuncture or just by themselves.

    I do think it's worth a try. But, you need someone who understands FM or you might not get good results.
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    Accupuncture can help with blocking pain, but not with the disabling fatigue of CFS IME. Also, the treatments makes you relaxed by lowering your BP which caused me to "crash" due to the OI.
  5. rockgor

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    acupuncture for CFS. No help at all although the guy doing the poking claimed it
    had cured his wife.

  6. isiselixir

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    thanx for all your responses, it really helps. a lot of "well" ppl i know seem to recommend acupuncture, among various other things but i know they don't really understand the nature of our illness, well, who does? lol

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