Has anyone used Bromelain supp for pain?

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  1. susieqkw

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    Hello. My PT has mentioned this several times to me during sessions and I have always forgot about it. She thinks it may help with inflammation and pain. I went to Amazon to order and read the reviews. I am pleasantly surprised to see such positive outcomes for many people, but did not see any FMS people.

    I also have barrettes esophagus and a little concerned about it being to acidic for me to tolerate.

    Does anyone have any experience with it to share?
  2. TigerLilea

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    My ND had me take Bromelain for CFS, however, I did not notice any improvement in my symptoms at all.
  3. susieqkw

    susieqkw Member

    Thanks for replying. I ordered some from Amazon. I guess it doesn't hurt to try it.
  4. jaminhealth

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    I've taken Bromelain on and off for years, still have some in this NowFoods bottle so just took one 500mg cap and will use this bottle up. Sounds like one needs to take 3 500mg caps per day with or between meals.

    The key is I think one needs to take it at least 2-3 months to get any relief....I've taken it off and on and not consistent enough.

    This bottle says to take it with their other products: Pancreatin and D-Flame....

    I take it for inflammatory pain. I'll have to look at the D-Flame ingredients.....jam
  5. susieqkw

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    Thank you. I will see if I can tolerate it:)