Has anyone used Dr. Titlebaum's Clinics or heard of Dr. Nancy Rus

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mastersinger, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. mastersinger

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    Has anyone tried a Fibro/CFS Clinic of dr. Titlebaums's or heard of Dr. Nancy Russell from KC,MO? Who worked out the probotics and such for you? Thanks Love,Mastersinger
  2. phoenixrising2

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    But I'll bump it up and see if someone else has. Good luck!


  3. onedaymagpie

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    Hi there, Mastersinger:

    Teitelbaum somewhat recently (less than a year?) became the medical director for the Fibro/CFS Clinics, which are referred to here as FFC (Fibro Fatigue Clinics). You may have seen other posts about FFC experiences, as the FFC's seem to had have a very similar treatment approach well before he joined them. You'll find lots of posts by searching "FFC."

    I wonder if anyone has been a patient of Tetielbaum's and if so, what their experience was like. Or have attended one of his seminars?

    Are you taking probiotics?

    blessings, Mags

    ps - I noticed you're a Beginner Piano Instructor; you must be very brave and patient ;) I never could figure out how my piano instructor did it.
  4. charlenef

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    you can go to vitality101.com it is one of his websites you can even be treated on line charlene
  5. pattieland

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    I am the one posting that my diarrhea has been nonstop since 2 wks after starting FFC's supplements - and I believe altho I have absolutely no proof (gut feeling, no pun intended) that the "END FATIGUE" supplement I was taking by Titelbaum was a lot of the culprit in my case.
    Not only was it the only one that listed "diarrhea" as a side effect, and to decrease the dose if such occurred, and/or mix with milk (but it is ORANGE) or other liquid, I suspect tht in my case it was what caused a lot of my diarrhea - esp. since my first full dose of it caused diarrhea, and I immediately decreased dose by 1/2 and then decreased to 1/4.
    The flavor is quite good - like the old Tang for those of us who will be old enuf to remember that product (and it may still be made but I have been a natural juicer for a long time now.....) anyone else familiar with Dr. T's products? It was around $50+ and I can't take that one either - nor the other $550 worth, nor the compounded $150 worth of prescriptions. I must be cleared at my local doc's first before I could possibly take the chance to resume anything at this time. Pattieland
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