has anyone used FFC "out of town" package???

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    Did you have a good experience with it? What were the short-commings? How did it work out for you? Would you have gone to FFC for all the visits if you could - and why?

    I will have to do the out of town thing myself - barring miracles. Any info is very appreciated!!! Thank you, Shannon
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    I did the long distance treatment plan with Denver FFC. It worked well for me because I do mostly alternative med. FFC was able to Dx me, so that I could know exactly what is wrong with me, and the options to treat. If I had lived in Denver I might have done the I.V. treatments.

    If your going to be doing a lot of medications, or want more treatments than I decided on, you'd probably want a doc closer to home or do the traveling. I'm only on 1 pharma drug. I don't need them to perscribe for me at this point because my GYN is willing to do that.

    They were the only ones willing to do all the blood work to pinpoint my problem's. They were the ones to show me good alternatives to treatment my viruses. I'm glad I went. They started me down the right road. I have found a doc closer to me that treats CFS, but she isn't taking new patients right now. If I lived in Denver or closer to Denver I'd probably just continue with them. Right now I don't need any particular care, so I'm o.k.

    There are those that need a lot more managed care than myself, so long distance care really wouldn't work well. If all you do is the 4 long distance visits, those will at least start you in the right direction. If I hadn't gone, I would not have gotten DX'd. I have limited care where I live here in WY.

    I don't know if this helps. You can do a search by putting FFC in the search and read all the posts on the subject.

    I wish you good luck in whatever you do!

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    I live in Wisconsin, the closest to me is Cleveland, 8 hours. I've had two phone consulations afterwards. It's been very nice. I couldn't find anyone in WI who was this comprehensive or knowledgeable.

    The staff has been great, and i've e-mailed the doctor with medicine problems, and I always get a response back the same day.

    They've also been great about sending me all the information after each appointment with my medicine prescriptions and supplements. I buy mine on the internet for cheaper than they offer.

    The only thing is the first visit they didn't do all the tests, because they forgot I was out of the area. And the closest Quest Lab (which they use), is an hour and a half away. So if you go, make sure they do the infectious labs on your first visit as well. You might want to check where the closest one is to you in case you need additional testing or retesting, as I will have to.

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    Search on cindycor she lives in Canada and goes to Denver! Good Luck Lynn