Has anyone used those send in your old gold pieces

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by claudiaw, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    for money?

    I'm trying to get money for Max's surgery(he's the one w/the MCT).

    I'm not sure I'd ever here from them again, and I wonder how much they pay.

    I wonder how to find a good jewler or pawn shop that would pay a fair price. I only have a few pieces, nothing much, but I'm desperate for money.

    any ideas? thanks in advance,


    please pray for my Max that thee will be no ,ore cancer!
  2. Rafiki

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    I'm so sorry that you are going through this. I live with a little canine friend and have had many in the past. I have loved no person more than I have loved my dogs.

    Gold is sold/bought by weight so you can make a lot of headway by simply phoning around and asking people if they buy and for how much. It is much less than the price of jewelry since much of the price of jewelry is in the craftmanship.

    If you have anything that is old or unusual, you should not sell this way. Stuff (even costume) from as recently as the '50s, '60s and, even '70s can be worth more than one would think if there is a collector's market.

    Do you have a friend or family member who can front you the money while you sell things slowly? Would the vet be willing to let you pay over time? I'm never proud with the vet.

    Again, I am so very sorry. It's strange, I know, but as far as Max is concerned, he's just fine. I hope you can feel a little bit of his happiness and peace. He's with you, he feels good and no-one knows what the future holds. I know how hard that is to do but Max is great at it, I'm sure!

    Peace to you and Max,
  3. budmickl

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    I agree with Rafiki about calling around and finding out the price of gold right now.

    I feel certain pawn shops will rip you off.

    Have you thought about looking on Ebay and see what similar pieces have sold for? Maybe selling it that way would be better?

    I pray for you and Max. I have made the decision to put Mick, my 14 yr old Shih Tsu down Friday afternoon. I have a 3 day weekend to grieve. It's one of the top 3 hardest decisions I've ever had to make. The other two involved putting down Miller with hip dysplasia and Bud with cancer. Neither would get better, even with surgery.

    Mick is old, blind, deaf and losing control of body functions. And I think he might have pneumonia, the way he coughs and wheezes. I think it's time. I think he has had an outstanding life and now it's time let him rest with Miller, Bud, Tiny and Sampson (other family members).

  4. claudiaw

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    I've thought of E-bay, but since i can't drive going to the p.o. box could be a problem and I'm not sure if I have enoug to make it worth it.

    I know pawn shops would rip me off. I thought of looking through the telephone book to see if any jewelers advertise that they buy gold.

    I have some coins but they are silver, and I checked e-bay and they don't sell for much.

    i will put the surgery on the credit card. They told me of some lab thing's i don't need to do again since it was done in July to save, so that will help.

    I have a CPAP machine (w/new mask and hoses) and a parts car I put an ad in our local paper so I'm hoping to sell those. this is the 3rd time so I hope I can sell them this time.

    thanks for the ideas, and good thought's and prayers. I do believe max know's he's loved.:)

  5. Juloo

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    ...of the person you're selling to.

    After my father died, my mother took in some things of his to get them appraised and possibly sell them. The place she took them said one was costume and only worth about $5. Well, she was shrewder than that...at a second appraiser with someone not as (uninformed? dishonest?), the piece was valued at almost $7000.

    As to silver, it really depends what you have. A couple summers ago I came across a list my father had done for my grandfather's estate. It ended up being a lot of melt-quality silver. Even though some of the pieces were really old, the condition wasn't good. It was just a lot of odds and ends, but when my cousin and I added it all up, the total was significant. It just takes time and energy to get everything together and sometimes it doesn't seem worth it at the time.

    Good luck to you and Max!
  6. claudiaw

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    Time and energy that's my problem. I have the time, but not the energy, pain is more my issue, but you get the idea.

    i can't stay on the phone all day or drive around checking people out.

    e-bay is the easiest, but I would still have to have things appraised, and wow your mom was shrewd that's great she caught that guy. it's sad that you can't trust anybody.

    My silver a just dimes and maybe some nickels, we're not talking Rockafeller here.:)kennedy quaters, stuff ton's of people already have. Like national geographic mag's, everyone has some. I need to find a collector, but how to do that w/o giving out your address?

    It's just a few thing's, I just don't know where to go and don't have anybody that is knowledgable to take with me.

    I need to do this w/o telling my husband, he wouldn't want me to sell these thing's.

    But we need the money and we have no children, and I never look at it anyway, so i figure we might as well put it to use.

    I just don't know how, where to start.

    thanks for sharing your ideas,