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  1. mujuer

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    I had such horrible pain yesterday and just couldn't get on top of it. I even went to bed with. There was one point where I just wanted to have my husband take me to the hospital to see if they could give me anything for pain. Has anyone done this before and if so did they help or look at ya' like you were crazy? I am trying to find a new dr. right now because mine just isn't helping me. Thanks
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    I went to my plan's urgent care facility...waited 5 hours to see a doctor...who basically did nothing....referred me to rheumatologist....I asked for flexeril...fell on deaf ear...rheumie when I did see him....give me flexeril...which dopes me up way too much....so very occasionally take low...low dose...and it helps a teeny bit...Years ago when I went to a pain specialist in LA...her totally related to the intense pain I was experiencing at the time...and was instrumental in helping me turn things around to a large degree....I think it's hard for an ER physician to relate to FM pain....nothing is broken....it's "just" a patient expressing one's own experience....PAIN....and they don't often know how to relate to the condition.
    I found that so often....because I looked presentable...and was somewhat articulate....that the MD could not get it....I was in major pain.....and antidepressants weren't the ticket....
    Hope you get a doctor who will listen...and be proficient in helping you. Also....I'd urge you to check out Prickles suggestions on this website...she lists alot of good info.
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    I have gone there several times because my worst pain has always been in my chest, right where you might think you're having a heart attack. The reason for the visits, of course, was to rule out a heart or pulmonary problem, which can be life threatening.

    I agree very much that you need to see someone who will address your pain problems, but it won't be at the emergency room. We don't have to suffer that much pain! If your own doctor won't help you with this, try to see a pain specialist. They understand the need to ease the pain, know how to give you what you need, and how to help you get off of it or reduce the amount you take when the time comes. I've been on pretty high doses of Oxycontin and Vicodin, but now only need the Vicodin sometimes. I'm still sick, but much less so than before.

    Pearl S.

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    I've gone twice up to the hospital for pain relief. On those two occasions my pain was so severe I could hardly move... let alone walk. I was sweating profusely and shaking like a leaf.

    I was lucky since I had the same doctor each time I happened to go there and he actually believes that FM exists. Both times, I was given a shot for the pain and a prescription for some muscle relaxants.

    I wish you all the best on finding a doctor that is willing to help you and work with you on a method to manage your pain. A good doctor helps makes this disease more bearable and to know that someone is on your side and is working with you.

    Good Luck... Esoteric

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