has anyone with fibro been diagnosed with disc disease

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    i have fibro and my back was killing me with so much back, shoulder, and neck pain. my doc ordered back xrays of thoracic and lumbar spine. the xrays did show some mild degenerative spurring in the mid thoracic spine and some mild degenerative disk disease at L5-S1 level. anyway iam in the worse pain---i thought the fibro pain everywhere the burning pain the stiffness, headaches and everything else was bad with fibro this pain is worse ---i cant believe it im 51 and before fibro i was physically fit and very active.right now im on my new reclyner using my new laptop with a hot heating pad on my back and neck and watching the show 24. my fiance buys me everything i want he has been wonderful to me since i was diagnosed 2 yrs ago. we have been together for 6 yrs.signed painful ren in az.
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    I was diagnosed with fibro around 3 years ago. At the same time they determined that I have digenerative disc disease. It runs in my family. Mine is in my lower back. My sisters have it in their necks. One of my sister's was just recently diagnosed with fibro also.
    The back pain is the worst for me, but the more my back hurts, the more my fibro pain flares up.
    I hope you find some relief.
    Hugs Tammy
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    I have bad degenerative disc the entire length of my spine.

    I've has 3 surgeries, the last one in 87, a spinal fusion at L4 and L5. Each one was a tremendous help.

    Right now I am in a holding patern, LOL.
    I know I have 3 or 4 that are about to go. It's just a matter of when. One day I'll turn the wrong way and that will be it.

    I just hope I can get through spring and summer.

    If I have to be down I want it to be in the winter.

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    Dx with fibro in 1990, but think I got it when I was rear ended in 85. Since then dx of osteoarthritis and degenerative disk disease with ostephytes (bone spurs) up and down my spine. My son who was 31 was dx with osteo & ddd last summer. My birthmom who died last April had them to.

    I had 3 surgeries in less than 9 months and still have issues at C7-T1 and L3-L4. Going for ESI at C7-T1 and praying it will get me thru the summer so we can use our travel trailer this year as we didn't get to use it but 3 times last year and 2 of those was traveling to a KOA campground for medical procedure.

    If the x-rays showed mild spurring and ddd in L5-S1, I think I would ask for a thoracic and lumbar MRI and let a neurosurgeon look at them.

    I was told my lumbar fusion needed to be done as soon as possible to avoid permanent nerve damage.