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    Every since the weather here has been in the 30's during the day (about 3 days and we had 5 inches of snow on thursday) I have woken up with my right side of my face very sensative to my touch and my right eye has that very feeling also. I don't remember reading anything about this type of symptom. I have really hurt from head to toe for the past 3 days but this sensitiveity on the right side of my face and my eye has me confused. I can't stand to touch that side of my face. To me, this would seem to be more of a nerve problem than muscles and joints. My cousin told me that her girlfriend with fibro had this over all her body, but I just have had it on my face. There has been a time I had it on my leg or arm but does this go along with fibro???
    I almost gave in to my pain today because it is from the tip of my head to tips of my toes but I said no to myself and got up and got dressed and did a few things very slowly. I slept till 11am this morning but now I'm having a hard time staying awake. Is this also normal. I went thru a stage where I couldn;t sleep for anymore than 4 or 6 hrs. a night, now I'm going thru a stage where I fall alsleep and don't even know it. The worst thing tonight is the pain and the muscle cramps in my neck on the right side. But mostly I wanted to know about the senstivity on the face. Thank You.
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    Ever since the Cold Front moved in here, too,( and brought 2 inches!), The Air Pressue has been very high. I think a lot of FM people are affected by the weather like this. I am very painful, too. About the "sensitive skin"- I get it all the time! Usually on my face, sometimes even my Scalp! It will HURT to brush My hair!! I'm not sure what causes it; I just assumed it was a part of FMS.
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    I too suffer from very sensitive skin because of my FMS.
    I wear dress's a lot, lose ones, Pretty of course, lol, because they don't hurt to wear as much as pants do. I also can't have anything that is binding, gives me cramps and Gas, I have IBS also.

    I would see a Neurologist if you are able to, they can do a MRI to check out conditions, to Rule them out, then you'll know if it's a FMS/MPS problem like I have.
    I also have what is called Neuropathy, and this cause's symptoms like you describe, sometimes the Top of my Hair Hurt's, this is called FMS/MPS Scalp Pain, and I was amazed that others had it, so some day's yeah I hurt from Head to Toe.
    I have OA, and Plantar's Facistis which causes most of my feet pain.

    Anyway please get this checked out, because it could be something more serious and not FMS. FMS likes to mimic other conditions, so it is best to make sure. Better to be safe than sorry, and Knowledge is the best way to fight this dd.

    I hope you feel better this Sunday, hope it's a good one.

    Oh before I forget, there's a Great book on FMS/MPS by Dr. Devin Starlanyl, "A Survival Manual, and it was a real Blessing to me to find this book. When I got on the Computer I found that others also use her book, it answers so many questions in terms that even I can understand, well most of the time.
    Also if you type her name in your search engine, I like Google, you'll find a website by her that is so helpful.
    There's even a link to her site off the Home page I believe.

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    I get these spots on my face and scalp from time to time. It feels like a cold sore only it isn't and the area is much larger. I have noticed that when this happens, I feel very tired and kinda sick.

    I think it's just another one of our strange symptoms.

    Love, Mikie