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  1. ameilie73

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    Shown that they have elongated process of c7 and loss of cervical lordosis? My neck kills me, its the worst pain next to my shoulder blades. i know that its becoming apparent that both these cinditions can cause thoracic outlet syndrome and or stenisis which can lead to spinal compression which can mimic symptims of fibro.
    Be glad to hear from anyone
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    Hi Ameilie. I'm sorry you're suffering with this......I do too. I've had several MRIs, the first showed the lordosis and cervical stenosis. I had an auto accident at least 45 years ago and they found this, but since the accident was not that bad, I'm sure it's what I was born with. Terrible pain as I grew older and in March I went to see an orthopedic surgeon because I wanted to see if the cervical stenosis had gotten worse. Did you know that a lot of our neck problems stem from BAD posture? The surgeon sent me for neck traction and physical therapy. I went thru l4 sessions of neck traction and at first it really seemed to help the pain, HOWEVER, it caused the TMJ to flare up so I had to stop. I have neck exercises that I'm supposed to do at least 2 times daily, BUT I always must remember to sit up straight.

    If you haven't had an MRI I suggest you find a GOOD doctor who knows what he's doing and order this to find out what's really going on with your neck. I'm 68 and I've gone thru a lot of pain, and still am.
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    I had TOS and compression at c5 and c6 with considerable neck pain, complete anaesthesia of the hands, muscle cramps in the arms inability to hold objects in my hands and other body-wide problems which are probably the basis of my fibromyalgia.

    All seven patients we currently have at our clinic with FM have cervical spine injury. If clinicians LOOK properly they will see this or other spinal injury/wear with consequential nerve compression. In addition many of the people we have with ME plus FM also have spinal problems with nerve compression. The people with ME (no FM) do not.

    I do not believe these pathologies are "mimicking" FM but that a symptom of stenosis is FM. Not in everyone but in those people susceptible to FM. In these cases FM is the result of immunological involvement in spinal injury and compression. This is probably genetic. This is why we always have MRI scans when people are diagnosed with FM. I believe this should always be done. In the US, you have various good surgeons who can correct the problems but of course surgery is not a good solution overall.

    I agree with sunflowergirl about daily management, especially the daily exercises. .
    I have managed to reduce my neck pain by doing a variety of things but it is a constant management issue. The FM is caused by an immunological involvement so one of the keys is to keep the immune system well modulated to avoid rises in the pro-inflammatory cytokines which will occur after overdoing it, periods of bad posture and possibly even cyclically.
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    Ameille, Sunflowergirl, and IanH, etc.

    I have no idea of what is bugging me besides FM and OA esp in neck? In fact I think it is driving me crazy, my neck and back of my head sometimes like a burning. I don't take much in meds other than gen. Klonopin and Flexeril at night.

    I haven't had an MRI as I havae had all this for so long - like 30 + years. However, now I don't want to pay the $$ it probably will cost. Also have hi b/p problems, osteoporosis and thyroid problems - ugh !

    Do you have any exercises or anything that might be helpful???

  5. Nanie46

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    Neck pain is my worst symptom, but it is much better than it used to be. My symptoms were caused by the chronic infection, Borrelia burgdorferi, aka Lyme Disease.

    Long term doxycycline helped my neck pain the most.
  6. IanH

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    In fact the burning sensation is part of the peripheral neuropathy cause by poor blood circulation in you neck. This is a common fibromyalgia symptom. You may or may not have inflammation at the site of the burning.

    Have you tried the heat-exercise-heat? first you apply a hot towel or neck heatable seed pillow. Lie back with this for about 5 mins. (I used to use a towel wet in the middle, rolled up then put in microwave until hot, about 2 mins) . Then do the neck stretches (neck (head) on left shoulder, neck (head) on right shoulder, neck twist left, neck twist right, end with chin tuck. repeat as able) Followed by heat application again.

    After about two weeks (maybe more) sit on a chair or bed with bed end and rotate trunk while pulling yourself around so twisting your upper trunk. Then reverse this. It is important to increase flexibility below the neck as well.

    Heat and exercise is one of the best ways to increase blood flow while strengthening the muscles.
    Whenever you sit at a computer ensure you are sitting back and not projecting your neck forward in any way.
    When you walk try to be very erect. Be aware if you are leaning forward even slightly. Forward neck projection (chin forward will make your neck pain worse).

    You can also add the following exercises:
    Stand straight and pretend you are swimming (crawl) projecting your arms forward in a swimming stroke. Follow this exercise by pretending you have heavy weights in your hands pulling your shoulders down ie pull your shoulders down firmly. (raised shoulders are common neck tensor and can be quite damaging if it is a habit.)

    Every so often while sitting at a computer or table place left hand behind your head with elbow projected upward and push elbow back. Repeat with right hand/arm.

    Regularly be aware of tightness in your hands and relax them because tightness in the wrists does also tighten your neck.
  7. Neck pain & my righ arm the most painful for me
  8. Granniluvsu

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    IanH - Thanks for your information and exercises I think that I have also done something similar with hands behind my head and push forward with the hands and back with the head (if that makes any sense).. I really appreciate it. I also have pressure in my head which I am sure doesn't help my b/p any. Sometimes I think that may be due to the hi b/p but when I take it that is not necessarily true. I know all this computer stuff is probably not good for the neck and shoulders either :) !! However, I am on it anyway.

    Do you or any or you also have ringing in your ears?

    Also thanks for your info JAM . I will look into it. I have been taking Turmeric but perhaps not enough. How much do you take?

    RachelLiverpool - sorry you also have the neck pain. It all surely stinks for sure. Occasionally I also have burning in my hands. It is just awful but then after some tie it goes away. I don't have that all the time but the head and neck thing has been ongoing for probably over 30 years.

    Hugz and thanks to awl of you,
  9. IanH

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    Do you or any or you also have ringing in your ears?

    Is it ringing or is it hissing? And is it pulsative ie. pssssss. pssssss. pssssss. in time to your pulse?
    Or a combination of both?

    If it is hissing or a combination it may be somatic tinnitus. If it varies with the position of our jaw then it is most likely somatic tinnitus. To test this push you lower jaw far foward and hold it there. If it is somatic tinnitus the hisssin/ringing will increase markedly. This is because you are generating an impulse in the nerves feeding into a part of the brain which affects the tinnitus.

    If it is ringing, then it is probably classic tinnitus which probably does not vary with BP.
    However if is is pulsative hissing (with a bit of very high pitched ring) then it may vary with BP. This may be vascular.

    Somatic tinnitus is a symptom of ME and of FM probably due to faulty signalling in the dorsal horn of the brain. I believe this is immunological interference in the central nervous system not necessarily related to hearing loss or choclear damage. But of course one can have both forms especially as we age.

    One way to tell the difference is to hear the ring of a very thin glass when your wet finger runs around the rim or hear a tuning fork of this frequency = . This is classic tinnitus. Typically between 3500 and 4000 Hz.

    If you want to read about somatic tinnitus you can:

    but it is quite technical.
  10. Does any1 get very painful breasts ? I was diagnosed with fibro 2 years ago & it's been hell! last couple months the pain in breast is unbearable to the point I can't cope.
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    Hi, My rheumatologist has said the chronic muscle spasms in my trapezius have caused my loss of cerbical lordosis. I do use heat and stretching exercises are there any other exercises that are helpful, specifally for this problem? my neck does get stuck apparently from the elongated tranverse process of c7, that can cause some chronic headaches. Has anyone got any relief from seeing an osteopath?

    ive also been diagnosed with patellofemor arthritis, what can i do for tha?, my knees are burning and red by the end of the day. Im not overweight, infact anything but, so thats not a cause, although like ive said in another post been in ppi since age 15, didnt know about it preventing vitamin absorbtion, now facing anemia, vit d defiency which probably hasnt helped, low sodium which doesnt help muscle spasm. Omeprazole ive just read prevents absorbtion even if i supplement so im going to try and ween off them .

    So fed up. I use to be a very active sportswomen, now when i do anything my muscle spasms worsen, in pain, fed up like alot of us. Bad day i guess, im sure my battling system will kick back in just really tired.

    Cheers everyone

  12. IanH

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    This is just a suggestion to consider.
    Recently Cort Johnson had an article on his site "Health Rising" about elevated head during sleep.


    I considered this because it made sense and when people have brain injury and some types of stroke people have their bed elevated throughout the night.

    People with ME and with FM tend to have high spinal fluid pressure. It is thought this pressure increases in the brain when you are prone. It is possible this pressure is decreased with an elevated head overnight.

    I tried this (only two nights so far). Quite a difference in my neck which I normally have to nurse carefully through the day to avoid pain. I am pretty good now so I am not much of a test. However I will continue this and if it does help, even a little I will be testing it out on others.

    One other thing I noticed improved markedly so far is my tinnitus.

    I will give it two weeks and see if these improvements are sustained.
  13. Saoirse3

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    Wow, I didn't know about the spinal fluid pressure, but it makes sense, since I usually wake up with a back that's killing me. I know I supposedly have spinal stenosis, but my doctors up here said I had "severe liver damage" and when I went to Atlanta to consult a specialist, tests came back and said my liver was alive and well, and I had no need for a transplant. Honestly, medicine in Alaska is almost non-existant. I think my doctor is still waiting for Balto to arrive with the serum!
  14. sunflowergirl

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    Ian.......how did you raise your head? With blocks under the top of the bed? With a bad neck and back I can't sleep with more than a flat pillow.

    Saoirse: Did you get moved already?
  15. IanH

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    Actually I placed a set of blocks under the legs at the head of the bed. The whole bed is sitting at an angle. I have started with a small set (lifted by about 15cm or 6 inches) but will raise the height in time. We thought we might just end up sliding down the bed but we slept very well. First nights sleep were an improvement for both my wife and I. She didn't even get up to pee. My wife also has ME so for her to notice the improvement is quite significant. We also both sleep with very flat pillows. Higher pillows cause me significant neck pain and I have avoided them for all the time I have had ME/FM.

    It is interesting, so will see how it goes over the next two weeks.
  16. ameilie73

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    Lol, Ian "might just end up sliding down the bed." I do elevate the head of my bed, i have since suffering acid reflux, mine are set up on old telephone directories. Those were my first thoughts when i did it, will i slide down, I suppose id have to do the reverse and take away the slant to see if my neck pain increases.

    Thank you for that website address, ive saved it to favourites, i can vouch for the accumulation of blood in the hands, when my hands are hanging down the blood volume makes my veins look very prominent (not liking the Madonna look). It can be painful, it appears to be most prominent at night. Anyway, I'll get back to browsing those articles.

    Many Thanks