Has anyone worn a Holter Monitor.....

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    How do you get your dr to do the tests that you feel you need done? I always feel like my heart is playing "catch-up". When I change activity, I am gasping for air and my heart is racing. Also, I was wondering about the thyrold. Maybe there is a problem. I went to the dr because I am feeling crappy and he just did the cbc and enzymes. Of course, all normal. So, anyone had luck w/ convincing the doc to do these tests?

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    hi, yes i did right before labor day. my heart was racing and i was sweating etc. i went to my doc and he run a ekg and wanted to hospitalize me but i convinced him i could wear the holter and comtinue with my activities of dailey living.i live in a small area so i imagine we don't have very many of the holter's. he said ok but i was to call him if i was having any difficulties. he also gave me zanex for anxiety. once it keeped in my heart setteled down.i do have a rt bundle branch block, and may eventually have to go to a pacemaker but not this time!cathy
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    .... a few months ago because I was having weird beats. They discovered that yes, I was having them when I said I was. Nothing ever came out of it tho.
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    Hi Kellygirl:

    I wore a holter monitor a few years ago because my neurologist wanted to rule out that a heart condition was not contributing to part of my seizure disorder (long story). Usually a cardiologist will make the recomendation, however have you even had an EKG yet to determine if you need a holter monitor test. Usually a holter monitor test is run for 24 hours at which times you right down your activites or press abutton when your heart rate changes. Sounds to me like you need to have some other tests done as well before the holter test. Keep us posted on how you are doing.
    Take Care,
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    the one study being done says that the virus affects the heart and we should be tested w/ the holter monitor. Also, something about the thyrold should be tested. I am starting an externship at a hospital and will have to put in 8 hr days, which I am not use to. I am feeling scared. I also experience anxiety when I need to drive on highways, in the passing lane esp. It all seems part of it. I am sick of feeling this way for the past 16+ years!
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    Yes, I have worn a Holter Monitor twice. It was to discover why my blood pressure was so high and check out my irregular heartbeats. An interist conducted this test. Medication was prescribed and all is under control now. The Holter Monitor is a very useful and effective tool.