Has anyones Dr. ordered a sleep study ???????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KathiM, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. KathiM

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    My "NEW DR." has ordered a sleep study where you go and sleep from 9 at night til 6 in the morning and they monitor you with all sorts of gizmos........

    I am just curious if anyone else has had one and if so what is the value of it and did it diagnose your illness ???

    Will appreciate any feed back on this !!!!

  2. pearls

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    Yes, I've had the first study done and will have the second when I can spare some time in the summer. It is not painful or anything and, in fact, rather interesting. I do have mild sleep apnea.

    There has been some discussion of this in the past. You might search for that discussion for some more answers.

  3. Sheshi16

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    I HAVE AHD TWO SLEEP STUDIES.....For what ever reason...it can't hurt. I happen to have narcolepsy..thus I need special meds for this..you may need something different.
  4. klutzo

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    I had one done back in 1988, two yrs. after my Dx w/Fibro.
    It showed severe delayed sleep-phase onset, 40% alpha-wave intrusion into theta sleep,and no delta sleep at all. I was told I had the sleep pattern of a 95 yr. old, and I was 37 at the time.
  5. KathiM

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  6. Lau

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    I've had a sleep study done about 5 years ago. It showed a sleep disorder that many with FMS have - non-restorative sleep. I don't remember exactly which, but it has to do with not going into a stage of sleep that we really need to heal, refresh, etc. I was then put on Ambien, which does somewhat, but stil is not a "quality" sleep.

    Excuse my major brain-fog today. Having trouble remebering simple terms/phrases. Not a good day for me to try to explain something.
  7. mapessd

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    Kathi , if they want you to have a sleep studie done do it . I had mine done on Thur nite and Fri when i got home from work the Dr. from the sleep center called and asked me to be home because he ordered a CPAP machine and he wants me on it Now the thing that he is upset at is before i went to sleep my oxigen was 90 and while i slept it droped to 60 -61 And said after all the test scores are in they might have to add oxigen into it .. I am so tired of sleeping like a log at nite and can't stay awake during the day So my first nite was last nite and it is kinda weird but i go to sleep so fast i don't really care And i did feel a little better today
    Good Luck with your test