Has Cymbalta helped anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pawneeem, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. pawneeem

    pawneeem New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    Just wanted to know if Cymbalta has helped anyone with the pain? My doc put me on this last week and I have been feeling more tired every since. I feel a little like a zombie. A little more relaxed but if I can't function it will not help. Today it has been a week and I feel a little more energy today than all last week. Does time help? I am only on 30mg for now. Appreciate the help.
    Thanks Pawn
  2. denpen72

    denpen72 New Member

    I loved Cymbalta for the "calming effect" (I didn't get so agitated so easily). When I first started taking it (30mg), I felt very jittery and nervous for a couple days and I had a total loss of appetite but it went away. The only other side effect was some constipation. I noticed I had much more patience, my hip pain was eased some (not gone), but then I started craving sugar horribly. It was ridiculous. And then I felt like I had no emotions at all. Not happy, not sad, not good, not bad. I felt like I wasn't human. Hard to describe. For me, that was enough to make me go off of it. However, I've read about many many people that say Cymbalta is a miracle drug for them. I waited it out for almost 2 months before I gave up. Good luck and I hope it works for you once the initial side effect wane. Definitely give it more than a week to get used to it.
  3. lrning2cope

    lrning2cope New Member

    I take Cymbalta for the pain and for severe depression I take 120 mg a day and it has really helped me. I have never been sleepy from it that I know of , but it is hard to tell because I take 15 different meds ,and who knows what med has what side effects ? ; )

    It has helped me though. I hope it works for you . I have heard that many side effects wear off after a week or two.

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  4. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    blood wk alot cause im on it
    and also have hep-c from bl transfusion years ago.
    i am now on 60 mgs a day
    and it helps me with anxiety and panic attacks some.
    but as for pain-
    i see no help from it at all for me.
  5. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    The first couple of weeks were hard. I was taking 3 hour Naps!!!! After I got used to it in about a month I found my depression was gone and I didn't even know I was depressed. And I now take 30 min to 60 min. afternoon naps. It does help me sleep better at night, but didn't help with the pain. I only take 30 mg. and don't want to go higher.

    My son has been on it for about l8 month for depression, but he's put on a lot of weight and is trying to get off, but having to taper very slowly because he got dizzy. I've put on about l5 lbs........but then you have to be putting the food into the mouth!!!
  6. bre_ann

    bre_ann New Member

    although it has helped me emotionally, it hasn't helped at all with my pain levels yet or my weight. I was hoping it would be that one miracle drug for me. If I don't see better results in the next 2 mo. (I see my dr. again after taking it for 3) I will ask for something cheaper. It's too expensive to take it just for an anti-depressant. I am taking 30mg.
  7. dc1980

    dc1980 New Member


    I started taking Cymbalta 3 1/2 weeks ago and the side effects have been an experience... dizziness, no appetite, in bed except for going to bathroom and getting something to drink, extreme fatique, nausea, insomnia, gross amounts of sweating, hot flashes, etc...however, I didn't feel depressed when I got the presciption and I now see that I probably was depressed because mentally I feel like a new person even with all the side effects. I have improved 100% mentally and just in the past 2 days I am beginning to improve with the side effects.
    The sun will probably blind me I haven't been outside in so long.
    To me, if I keep improving as far as the side effects go I feel like this is a good medicine for depression and anxiety and even though I haven't experienced pain reduction yet, I may once the side effects disappear. (crossing my fingers they go away...all the info I have read had about 80-90% of the people saying their side effects went away after approx. 3 -4 weeks and I am hoping for the same!!!)

    Craving for SUGAR is driving me crazy....I could eat sugar all day. I have even stooped to putting strawberry jelly on crackers just to get some sugar( thats not so bad but when you eat the entire bottle of jelly it is). Hiding Herseys bars ;o( ;o( ;o( ;o(
    This has got to stop or I will need to be rolled where ever I go!

    Good Luck!!!
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  8. cfsgeorge

    cfsgeorge New Member

    cymbalta is the perfect yummy food to feed that parasite living inside us. after feeding it 40mg for a month, it rammed itself into my brains and its tentacles hooked onto all my organs.

    It was just a lil baby monster before the kind doctor feed it cymbalta. Now it's a nasty parasitic monster threatening to hurt me and to rip me apart unless i feed it more of the kind doctor's pills. pills for all the bad symptoms you're feeling is what he craves. It must feed and divide.
  9. CKater

    CKater New Member

    I started taking Cymbalta in addition to Lyrica a month and a half ago and my pain levels are down CONSIDERABLY!...I will admit my mood is a bit flat, but I also suffer from depression and bp. I sleep somewhat better at night. At first I had the same side effects others mentioned, but now the only one I have is slight constipation. I had tried many other drugs for pain, and this is the only one for ME that worked to reduce the pain and I am thankful for it.
  10. karenbuc

    karenbuc New Member

    I started Cymbalta about two months ago. Only take 30 mg a day. It has definitely improved my mood which in turn seems to make me more tolerant of pain. I do have and an increased yearning for sugar, but haven't gained any weight as so many others seem to do. You don't say what your dosage is. Maybe you'll need to play around with that. Of course, you've only been on it a week and like most medications it may take time for your body to adjust.
  11. pawneeem

    pawneeem New Member

    I appreciate your info. I am glad your depression is gone and that you are sleeping better.
    It is helping me relax. I did not even realize I was down or depressed but my family noticed it. I will stick with it for awhile and see if it helps. I am sleeping much better. Do you take yours at night or in the morning?
    Thanks Pawn
  12. GoWest

    GoWest New Member

    Cymbalta is similar to the SSRIs such as Prozac and Paxil. A lot of cfs patients have disrupted serotonin and norepinephrine levels. You might not want to mess with this further by taking Cymbalta.

    Here is a link to risk factors in NORMAL people.

    If you can get to a warm swimming pool and stand in the water up to your neck it may help about as much as an antidepressant. Also, take a warm bath adding a bottle of hydrogen peroxide after you have soaked a few minutes. A cup of epsom salts helps too. This gets oxygen and magnesium into your body, and it feels good as long as the water isn't too hot.

    This is stopgap until we can get at the underlying infections causing fms/cfs/Lyme,MS,RA etc. Forget autoimmune. Your immune system isn't stupid. It is attacking "you" for a reason.

    Paula Carnes
  13. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Cymbalta has done wonders for me; it has changed my moodiness tremendously. If I've had any side effects, I didn't know it. I'm on 90 mgs a day. Was to change to 120 mgs a day but so far I don't think I've needed to.

    To each is different but it works for me.

  14. annade

    annade New Member

    Before I started Cymbalta Iwas expereicning a lot of anxiety, insomnia, irritability in addition to the fatigue, pain and other symptoms that go along with Fibro. The first day I took it (30mg in the am) I yawned all day and felt very mellow and sleepy. After that first day, I have not experienced any negative symptoms other than a little weight gain (5 lbs). It has helped me with the anxiety, insomnia and irritability, however, no real reduction in pain or the other symtoms I have from fibro. Not having the anxiety is enough to keep me on it.

    Hope it helps you if you decide to try it.

  15. petemora

    petemora Member


    I've been on Cymbalta about 3 weeks. My doctor put me on it for severe depression and pain. The first two weeks I had a lot of nausea and some vomiting. Also, I've been very tired for the entire 3 weeks.

    BUT, it has helped a lot with my pain. Lyrica helps me cope with the pain, but Cymbalta has actually taken away a lot of my pain. I can now take baths without hurting much. I can walk like a normal person now, instead of waddling. It's hard to explain, but my body feels somewhat normal again.

    The sleepiness is a problem, though. I'm on the couch all morning resting, and napping in the afternoons. Plus, my normal bedtime is 5 p.m. But, for now, I figure all that rest isn't hurting.

    I plan to stay on Cymbalta a while longer to see if the fatigue and sleepiness go away...

  16. KerryK

    KerryK Member

    Broadcasting, good point.

    I too recently switched from celexa to cymbalta 60 mg. and find it vastly superior for my FM/depression issues. I do get a modest amount of pain relief. My sleep issues and energy issues are greatly improved on it.

    I am suprised how many have written in that have tried it on only 30 mg. since that is not even the recommended minimum dose. If you have had poor results at that dose, I urge you to go to 60mg. and give it at least the 4 weeks that the manufacturer says may be needed to feel the benefits. I did and I am very happy I did even though the first couple weeks were very bumpy.

    Good luck!
  17. BexinTex

    BexinTex Member

    I felt like I was going to die! I had tremors, I ached SO badly, I fell asleep in the middle of the day (not good as I should have been looking after my daughter). Shortly after I woke up I became extremely hyper, I cleaned the house, I went on a LONG walk, .. had no pain the whole time. That night I was back to the state of agony.
    I thought it was a fluke so I tried it one more day.... same thing happened.

    SO I did some research on it. I read that people snort Cymbalta to get high, it's commonly compared to (i think) heroin with its side effects. I also read that people have been hospitalized when coming off of Cymbalta as the with-drawl is very bad.

    Needless to say, I dumped the rest of them down the toilet.
  18. tamrin

    tamrin New Member

    I have been on Cymbalta for 5 months, I have not noticed a decrease in pain, but I have noticed I'm not as depressed. I do get discouraged and down, but not to the point where I am crying and in complete dispair.
  19. Alycia07

    Alycia07 New Member

    I take 30 mg. and the doc wants me to go up to 60 mg. after 2 weeks. So far I feel alot happier but my stomach has not been right and I noticed I have not been sleeping good at all. I think I am sleeping 3 hours a night, and thats if i sleep at all. I dont feel any decrease in pain at all. I am going to try it for about 2 months but if its not changing the pain I am going to take myself off of them. I hope they work for both of us. Good Luck Aly
  20. celeste1226

    celeste1226 New Member

    I have been on cymbalta 30mg for a little over a month. I have notice I dont feel depressed anymore. My head is clear. I started at 20mg. It has just recently started to help with the pain. I still have the pain but it is managable at times. I didnt know I was depressed but with this med it has cleared my mind. No longer feel like my head is sluggish. I did get very sleepy I slept most all day and night for about the first 2 weeks and had loss of appetite. I have lost 7 lbs so far. I dont get hungry. I still have problems sleeping. During the day I yawn all day. most days I get about 3 hrs of sleep. usually 2 days out of the week I will sleep for 15 to 16 hours at one time. I guess I am catching up on my sleep then. I have a sleep study in a couple weeks and i have an mri thursday for the migraines. But over all cymbalta is doing ok for me right now.

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