has getting teeth pulled caused fms/cfs

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    just wondering if anyone started getting any of these problems symptoms after a visit to dentist?reason asking,i went to den.in 98 and had all my top teeth pulled to get top dentures & started running a low grade fever & told doc and he said mouth looked fine but gave me antibiotics anyway.i took them but didn`t do fever any good.also felt achy like the flu and i have only gotten worse every since.also,do all of you feel great a couple weeks if lucky at times then the next day pow,feel like you can`t move or do anything for the muscle pain & stove up feelings?i have not been diagnosed with fms/cfs yet.am going soon to a rheumy if lords willing.i also get real dizzy some days,can`t think or hardly talk cause i can`t get the words to my brain what i want to say.loose things all the time,even my suv up town,feel like i am gonna fall out some days i get so weak & sleepy.i also have ibs,diverticulitus,gerd,esophagitis,h.hernia.i`m searching for answers and need to know where to get started.do i tell the rheumy i think i have fms/cfs or just let him check me?i hope s.one will try to help me.need answers .i also suffer from panic/anxiety attacks to.
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    Hi bjlow,

    I was diagnosed with Mono shortly after (about a week) I got my wisdom teeth pulled 5 years ago; the Mono has developed into CFS.

    Just thought I'd let you know!

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    I had my top teeth pulled about 6yrs ago. did o.k. except I got thrush and it took along time to get rid of.
    well last year I decicded to get my bottom pulled because I had several bad teeth and didn"t want it to lead to heart trouble, well the day I had them pulled i came home and was real dizzy, I"ve had problems every since then with ringing in my ears and dizziness,have ask dentist, and doctors about this none of them know what it is and they all look at me like I'm making it up.
    So I just try to cope with it, I just wonder why there are no anwsers to all the strange things that go on in our bodies with this D.D. I hope you can find some answers.

    hugs sixtyslady