Has massage therapy worked for you?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Cat Mom, May 13, 2003.

  1. Cat Mom

    Cat Mom New Member

    I've read alot of articles about how massage therapy helps with Fibromyalgia, and was thinking about asking my Rheumatologist about it. Has anyone out there tried it, and does it help you?
  2. TBP

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    Massage can be enormously helpful. I've had CFIDS combined with allergies and Fibromyalgia symtoms. Many times, massage is the ONLY thing that will help me feel better. The only caution is that it can "stir things up". If the symptoms are severe, the massage can make me a little disoriented for 24 hours or so. It helps to drink a lot of water and do some walking in the fresh air. Try to find a therapist who knows relfexology (pressure points on hand and feet). This, too, can be very helpful. The bonus is, that not only will it help your symptoms, it feels great.
  3. DianeJones

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    I'm a Certified Massage Therapist so have experienced most types of massage/bodywork.

    Bowen Technique isn't exactly massage -- a small, gentle movement cross-fibering the muscles with resting periods in between. It readjusts the nervous system to allow the body to heal itself.

    Bowen Technique is the only bodywork that helps and sticks. A massage feels somewhat good but as soon as I stand up, the pain returns.

    I don't feel stirred up after a treatment. In fact, I'm usually asleep and wake up rested and alert.

    Diane Jones diane264@ix.netcom.com
  4. stillfighting

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    I've found that if my fibro is flaring (I'm hurting everywhere), massage only makes matters worse. If it is a matter of one set of muscles spasming (mostly shoulder blade), a really deep massage helps release the spasm, although I feel worse immediately afterwards. But I've never gone to anyone who specializes in folks with fibro.
  5. CdnGirl

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    that after 7 full months of treating my back and neck that I will find some relief. Don't know if anyone else's upper back, shoulders and neck are hard and crunchy (crepetis) but my RMT hasn't been able to get through.

    I have been messed up after a session. Once it was for 2 days. I'm getting used to it now and know what to expect.

    Good luck with you treatment.
  6. barbaraabishop

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    My naturpath also has FM and massages the pressure points.Helps a lot. Have had deep tissue and was in a terrible state for 2 weeks. Can't find a good Bowen therapist here who knows how to relieve my pain. Also try using a golf ball under your feet and gently rolling your feet over it.