?Has this caused you to quit your job?

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  1. Loveyame

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    Has this fm caused you to quit your job? I own a flower shop and my husband is wanting me to close the doors because he thinks it is making me sicker. I personally think that no matter what job I was doing I would be getting worse. but I told him that I would try to get more information about this fm. I have been surfing the net all afternoon and the doctor sites say this is not a disability disorder. But I have heard stories about this causing you to end up in a wheel chair. So I am not only confused but scared. So if you could shed some light on this I would be thankful.
    Thank you!
  2. keke466

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    Hi,yes most of us end up losing our jobs. I've only had this for 8yrs and if I hadn't been fired in June I, more than likely,would have ended up quitting in the next 2yrs. It kinda was a blessing in disguise. I'm getting unemp. right now. But you'll find on here that more often than not you're forced to stop working. I don't know why they would say it's not a disability issue because it is. Lots of women have won SSD. It will take awhile but most eventually win. If working is making you sicker,like it was me,you'd be better off not working if at all possible. You'll get more and better advice here than I can give you. They have helped me alot.

    Take care,Keke
  3. Fredericka

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    Lost my job, that is. NEVER in a million years thought it would happen to me, the type A workaholic, worked all my life, raised a family too.

    But almost 4 yrs ago I had to give up. Too sick all the time. Literally, flu-like all the time, considerable pain 24/7. It started in my teens, now I'm 50 something. Got progressively worse in my case. Slow onset.

    Just keep trying, never give up on anything too soon. If you think you can keep on going, then TRY!! Research and learn all you can. There are lots of coping strategies and helpful books on FMS/CFS and the related stuff.

    There is a lot more info out now than when I was first ill. Took me 20 yrs. just to get a diagnosis. I thought I was crazy that whole time. Terrible.

    Good luck, just remember, research your little heads off before you even see the docs. That way you are an informed patient and the docs take you more seriously than if you don't seem to know much.

  4. Loveyame

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    Thank you all for your responses. I plan on showing this to my hubby and next week we talk with my doctor about keeping the shop. I have been dealing with this now for 26 yrs but it has only had a name for the last 5 yrs. It is very disappointing to deal with and to keep in a "good mood". Thanks again for your answers. Talk with u later.
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    Dear Loveyame,

    We all have different levels of activity, Some people can continue to work and if you can..DO it.
    I was an RN in the emergency department, I was afraid I would hurt a patient. Plus, physically I could no longer do it.
    There is a chart that lists levels of your disease;
    something like
    10-bed bound
    20-can get out maybe 1-2 times week, can concentrate about 1 hr.
    30- can get out 3-5 times weekly, can concentrate for 2-3hrs
    40- can hold down a part time-full time job with minor symptoms
    50- no symptoms

    This is just of the top of my head (somewhere up there in the fog). I'm sure someone has a good copy of it.
    I fall somewhere in the 20-30 range on good days, more 10-20 on bad days.

    I hope this helps,
    Anyone with the chart please post it again.

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  6. findmind

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    I had to read your screen name over and over before I got it! Sweet...

    Do you have good disability insurance? I'm sure you've been paying into Soc. Sec. if you have your own business, but I STRONGLY advise you to get the best disability policy you can afford, just in case you crash and burn!

    There is good advice here from the others; but, being the good Girl Scout I once was, I say "Always Be Prepared!"

    There's always hope!

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