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  1. street129

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    NYSTATIN,.....i started using this today, i dont know if im suppost to feel sick, or not, this medicine is for yeast infection. i was told i have yeast in the body, no test yet on this infection.

    Question....... has anyone took this medicine, and were you sick from taking it. and since i feel ok taken it, does that mean I dont have a yeast infection...HELPPPPP
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  2. nixon

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    for about 3 months while going to the FFC clinic.........It made me feel REALLY good, not sick. After I quit there and went to a regular GP, he was shocked, saying it could've really hurt my adrenal glands. Ran a bunch of tests on me. It didn't HURT me. He would not give me any though. I DID FEEL REALLY GOOD while taking it though!!

    I was never DX with a yeast infection.........weird!! I know of a lady who died, and upon autopsy, She was FULL of yeast! Never DX'd with it though........Go figure???

    Good Luck!

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