Has Zanaflex helped anyone with pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RedB, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. RedB

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    Well, since the wonderful Neurontin zoned me, my rheumy wants me to re-try Zanaflex at a higher dosage. Does anyone take it for pain, and not necessarily for sleep? Does it help at all? My earlier try with it for pain didn't do anything, and I took 3 two-mg. pills during the day. This poor man, he really has tried to help alleviate my pain. Everything gives me a hard time, and I think he's getting frustrated with me.

  2. dolsgirl

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    in the past. I recently tried to go back to it. It zonks me,so I'll have to do it very slowly. I have worked with someone that took 16mg (!!!) at bedtime everynight & that's what worked for her and she's young. Good luck. dolsgirl
  3. KayL

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    I take it for sleep, 8mg at night. Most meds don't affect me the way they normally affect others, as in making one sleepy, or *high*, etc., but the Zanaflex knocks me out!

    It's a good muscle relaxer, so it stands to reason that it would help with pain if it's muscle related - muscle spasms.

    Yesterday was a BAD pain day for me. I don't normally take Lortab at night because it keeps me awake. After dinner I took a Lortab with a 4 mg Zanaflex because I was in so much pain, and I knew that I wouldn't sleep later on, even WITH the sleep meds. The combination helped, and I think the Zanaflex was a good part of that. 2 hours later I took another Zanaflex and I was able to sleep most of the night.

    However, you need to know that Zanaflex is not a pain med, it's a muscle relaxer. There's no way I could take it regularly during the day because I'd be asleep. Have your spoken with your doc about Rx a pain med with it?


    NOTNUTS New Member

    and I just started taking ZMA. Last night I was sleeping so good (snoring so loud) my hubby slept on the couch to let me sleep. The Zanaflex does zonk you out. I split my dose.My doc would like me to take ( 2) 4mg tables at night 1 at dinner and 1 before bed.
    At dinner I take 1/2 of 4mg tablet which just relaxes me just a little, it depends what kind of day I am having. usually a 1/2 of pill is OK not to knock me out, if I take the other 1/2 I fall asleep before 9 pm. At bed time I take the whole 4mg and it does help me sleep and relaxes my muscles. Does it help the pain? Well it relaxes the muscles, and when my muscles are relaxed there is less pain. I also can not take Zanaflex during the day it would put me to sleep. I do think Zanaflex has helped me.
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  5. Dara

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    at night, in totally wipes me out. Never could I take it during the daytime. As far as pain goes, I have not noticed any difference at all.

  6. PAT

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    I tried it for a while, and it did wonders for me! It helped a lot with the neck and shoulder pain, because for me the pain in those areas are directly related to muscle spasms.
    I had to stop taking it, because for some unknown reason it made my esophageal reflux so much worse, and it relaxed my throat so much that I could hardly swallow my own saliva. I wish I could take it. I may try again, with a tiny dose and see what happens. It's much better than flexiril, in my opinion. Patti G
  7. JLH

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    I take 3-4 two mg. tablets each eveing for sleep. It works wonderfully for sleep, but does NOTHING for my pain.