hate to complain, but

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KMD90603, Aug 25, 2005.

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    I have CFIDS and I feel absolutely awful tonight. The fatigue is horrendous, and it's making me feel achy and feverish. I hate feeling like this, especially because I'm at work and cannot go lay down. I have intermittent FMLA but if I leave early I won't get paid. So, I'll wait it out.

    What scares me is that I start nursing school on monday, and I don't want to go into it feeling like this. But, I guess that's life with this disease. I've really learned how to live around it and not let my illness stop me from living my life. I go to school, work part time and have a wonderful husband and son. But days like today are discouraging because I'm feeling so sick. I can handle the flu, because at least that goes away. This...I never know when it will subside. Hopefully soon.

    Well, I'm done venting. thanks for listening if you've made it this far.
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    You are doing so much with school,pt job,and full time Mom and wife. It sounds like youre doing really well with making time for everything.I hope you have lots of support from family and friends.Dont feel guilty about a nap,or the house isnt immaculate all the time.
    I bet your Mom and Dad and husband are just so proud of you.
    Good Job
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    Vent all you want. We are here for you through the good and the bad.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    Hugs and Prayers
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    I'm impressed with your outlook and accomplishments. The venting part hits all of us from time to time. Doesn't matter how well we accept these illnesses, every now and then we just gotta bash something or explode!! That's one of the reasons this board is here ... so ... vent away, we'll catch you.

    Speaking of that, you other ladies who posted support for Kim really touched my heart. I am blessed to be part of such a genuine and caring community.

    Take care of yourself Kim ... sorry you feel bad right now, but got my fingers crossed that this flare will pass soon !!

  5. Bruin63

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    have you ever seen that cartoon show?
    My GD loves that show, because it's about a teen girl, name Kim and she dosen't let things get in her way or stop her.
    She's a great Role Model, and now I can tell my GD, age 6, that I know a "Real" Kim-Possible. ;o]

    Vent here , any time, it sure does help to get things off your shoulders, so you can get it out off your mind, you know?

    Good luck to you, I'm taking a writting class, and it's more work than I thought it would be, but since your tackling a much tougher job, I'll hang in with mine too.
    The hard part I think is remembering what I have just read.
    Do you have that too? Hope not, it makes learning harder that's for sure.
    I thought all I had to do was write, nope, they make you do other things too. lol.