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    called and we both use and pretty much believe in the pendulum work....and she was telling me about a nice old gentleman who was on coast to coast this past sunday night
    talking about pendulum work aka dowsing.

    Herm, I thought of you and was telling my friend about you and all you deal with health and family etc....

    She was saying this man Ramon Grace (not sure if this is correct) was talking about putting the Acceptance thinking into our bodies and believing that.....

    We are all accepted here on this planet and many just have
    more to deal with on their life plates....

    I will go to the coast to coast site and check him out. I use my pendulum for so many instances and so often the outcomes are as my pendulum said they would be.

    Last night I asked if taking Wobenzym along with the Anatabloc would hurry the reduction of inflammation in my body and it told me NO, to use Anatabloc only.....

    Anyway, my dear, Acceptance.....love yourself. jam
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    Sometimes life just comes at you with a frontloader full of crap. And nobody can drive it better than family. My grandson was kidnapped at gunpoint three weeks ago, by his father. There was a 4 hour standoff, we got him back and he was jailed. We thought we could breathe easy. His mother paid his bail! The was out in 3 hours! I couldn't believe it! Been running for the last three weeks to keep my daughter and grandson safe.

    But I do know this. The best thing in the world you can do for yourself is find something you love and DO it! For me it's rehabbing injured birds. I have learned so much and the people are great. But there are MANY places that need volunteers. You don't have to be an expert. There is plenty to learn and best of all you help two. You and whatever needs you most. You WILL feel better!

    Soft hugs,
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    Jam, you are right on with that. We have to love and accept ourselves and then we let in more and more of the people that will also love and accept us. I really believe that. And that we are all lovable and deserve to be accepted for exactly who we are. That pendulum thinking sounds interesting.

    Downsizing helps, too! ; )

    Stacey, wow. That sounds awful and scary. I hope you and your family stay safe. I agree with you, too. Doing something you love to do just fills life with positivity. Creativity, inspiration and love just start flowing.

    Herm, I hope you are feeling better.

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    latest health newsletter from Dr. David Williams, he reports that those with chronic depression are almost certain to be deficient in magnesium. He says adults need to take 500-750mg spread thru the day....are you aware of the
    magnesium deficiency epidemic?

    Mag does not stay in our bodies and we have to continually dose to keep our levels sufficient.

    David went on to say, most conventional MD's don't even
    go or think to go to Magnesium as a major issue in our health problems...they go right for the script pads.....
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    I'm so sorry I haven't replied the last several days. I'm fighting the fight, but am so out of it. Most of the last wk I've been mostly in bed, pain and weakness.

    Saw my chiro on Fri and he added more Std Process supps to my regime. He's an amazing man, I just wish I'd start noticing some kind of improvement. It's been almost 3 months on his nutrition program, he said give it 6 more. Ugh.

    I'll write more when I can, I just slept 12 hrs straight and swear i could sleep another 12! Gotta get up and pick up my son from school, otherwise I'd go back to sleep...

    Thx again for all the support, you guys make me feel connected to someone who really understands. xxoo

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