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    Hi I have'nt around lately. But I like getting new information when I'm able.It's nice to be able to be honest with someone about the amount of pain I'm in. And it's always seems like they find something else wrong.Sometimes I don't want to smile. My family just don't want to hear about it all the time and I don't blame them. I do believe in the saying Postive Attuide Brings Postive Results> But sometimes it so hard. But I should'nt complain I do have good doctors they do work with me and I do get pain meds. But the older I get the worse I get. Thank you for letting me vent. take care everyone. One day at a time and keep a postive attuide it does help sometimes. Anybody have any ideas that help them I'm always looking for any advice.
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    I understand how you feel, my husband of 30+ yrs really does not understand what I go thru in a day or why am I always cold when every one else is hot. My girls just want me off all my pain meds. It does not matter that I have other health problems that just fibro. I have end stage osteo arthritis in both knee's, fibro, MPS, DDD, sspinal stenosis, buldging disc's and osteo arthritis in my left wrist , and in my back.

    I too have days where it is hard to find some thing to be postive about. It is hard when your family does not understand no matter how hard you try to get them to read the books, the letter to normals , my daughters now all married and have kids of their own , want me to be like I once was, I worked full time, I had energy, and I was fun to be around. Then life happened and I ended up with female poblems and finally was dxed with fibro. It was so hard to have to find a doctor who belives in you and wants to treat you, but it is also hard to have family that is not willing to understand how you feel and why your fatiqued all the time.

    SOme days are better for me than others, some are really bad days, but I do try to be happy and find other things in life to think about. I Love to tole paint and have done it alot over the years as it gets my mind off how I feel, but in this small house we live in now there is no room for a table in the kitchen, or liveing room, the bed room is full with the bed and dresser and the bedroom #2 is my husbands "Office" he has a computer and table in it so that he can work there if he wants too but mostly he sits in his recliner and watches TV.

    I am learning every day that I am not alone, and that not one of us feels exactly like the other. NO two of us have all the same conditions and we don't all have the same pain levels, Each of us is different and yet we are the same. I am trying to find my way to have a more possitive attidue it is hard to do and it takes work to be postive all the time. So yeh it is back to the one day at at time stuff.

    ~HUGS~ Hope you feel better soon

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