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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by sunflowergirl, Aug 6, 2004.

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    Does anyone know of a natural way to reduce cholesterol? My son-in-law has hit 275, was given meds. but would like to do it naturally. I know nothing about cholesterol.
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    Hi, Sunflowergirl. I'm a nurse with fibro who has done a lot of study on nutrition and it's effect on health. Diet and exercise are the only effective natural ways I know of to reduce cholesterol. Diet should be low-fat with no red meat. There are lots of low-fat or fat-free substitutes out there these days for things like eggs, cheese, dairy products, etc. You have to read labels carefully when shopping to make sure food items are low in fat and cholesterol. investing in a cookbook for low-fat diets is a good idea as well. Low-fat diets don't have to be dull and boring. there are some good books out there with great ideas for tasty meals and snacks. Exercise doesn't have to be strenuous--walking is great and anyone can do it. And you can gradually increase the length and speed of walking to gain more benefit. With that said, it's important to realize that high cholesterol needs to be reduced quickly to avoid possible serious problems such as stroke or heart attack. I'd advise taking the medication, along with the diet and exercise until his cholesterol is below 200. Some people continue to have higher than normal cholesterol levels even after altering their lifestyles. The diet and exercise thing will need to be a life-long commitment. Your son-in-law will find this not only helps to reduce his cholesterol but will help with other potential health problems as well. Education will be his best defense. good luck to him!
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    The south beach diet was written by a cardiologist. Some things we have been told in the past are simply not true. So this Dr. has LOTS of his patients on this diet to lose weight, reduce the bad LDL, and reduce your chances of getting diabetes. I've been on it a couple of days. I'm amazed that I'm not hungry inbetween means. My cholesterol is 279! Yipes! So the Dr. put me on Lipitor, I take 1 tsp. of metamucil about 15 minutes before I eat. This is supposed to slow down your digestion so the food lingers and you don't get so hungry inbetween meals. I'll let you know how it comes out. I'm 25 pounds overweight. Joyfully
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    There is suppose to be a new natural product derived from sugar cane (go figure) which naturally reduces cholesterol. I can't think of the name at the moment...

    Also, Beta-Sitosterol extract appears to block absorption of cholesterol... Omega 3,6, 9 oils... doesn't have to be fish oil... can be found in flax seed (ground fresh before using), nut oils or avocado seed oil (check the label)...

    ... minerals - chromium, copper, potassium (for healthy lipid levels).

    My husband had extremely high triglycerides and bad cholesterol at his physical last year. We just had our physical this past week and are awaiting our blood work results. I will try to remember to re-post with results because we went the natural route for lowering his levels.

    Best wishes and god bless.
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    I have recently been seeing a dietician. She said to lower cholesterol you eat pinto beans, kidney and navy beans. "Soluble fiber" - also plenty of fruits and vegs.

    Also, apples and oatmeal. I also have high cholesterol, and a high c-reactive protein, meaning high cardiac risk. I am age 53.

    I am going to start work wiht a Pritikin dietician. I read on the Pritikin diet, you can get results faster than with meds. I am not sure it is easy but I am motivated.

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    Update: I've lost 11 or 12 pounds so far on the South Beach Diet. I keep going off of the Lipitor (cholesterol lowering RX) because I can't get my brain to shut down at night on that stuff.

    My dr. insisted that I go back on it again. So I've reluctantly taken a pill for the past 5 days.

    I really like the South Beach Diet. I'm not losing weight as quickly now that I'm on phase 2 of the diet, but I'm still losing weight. I see my rheumatologist next month, maybe I can talk him into running a new cholesterol test on me to see how the diet is working.

    It will take me longer to get results than the normal person because I can't exercise. So I'm pleased that I've almost reached the 50% mark in my goal of losing 25 pounds.
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    My Gp ordered blood work about 6 months ago.I went back to him for the results and he told me my cholesterol was 306.But what confuses me was that he told me it wasn't high enough to worry about.He said anything over 300 is high, and I am just over that.He said below 300 was ok.So I believed him!!Until I read this thread,now i'm so confused!If in the 200's is high then shouldn't mine be high?It hasn't been checked since, and now I will have to ask him about this.