have a son 27 severe anxiety and depression LYRICA?

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  1. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I cannot take lyrica i have severe swelling and high blood pressure. I just saw in europe and maybe here they are using for anxiety and depression. He has tried everything!
    If you have taken this drug please let me know
  2. pasara

    pasara New Member

    I have not heard of Lyrica being used for anxiety or depression. It is an anti-convulsant, usually used to prevent seizures and to help reduce neuropathic pain. Lately now being used by some people with fibromyalgia.

    My experience with Lyrica is that for me it CAUSED severe anxiety and a kind of anxiety induced psychotic episode. My doctor immediately took me off it. I had not even titrated up to the full recommended minimal dose.

    Lyrica is a new drug with a lot of money behind it. I think we will see a lot of problems rear their heads as it becomes more widely used. I would not recommend it to anyone.
  3. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    ...WHY he's having the severe anxiety and depression.

    I speak as someone who has suffered for years with anxiety, which is not resolved yet, and has been possibly made worse by clonazepam (klonopin) use.

    Sometimes it can be due to a candida infection, or a non-yeast infection, or a disorder called pyrroluria -- or it could be something he's TERRIFIED to talk about, even with his own family.

    A drug may be a temporary solution, but not for the long run, in my opinion. Just keep remembering, there has to be a reason, or reasons for his or any health conditions.

    And as the other poster said, lyrica is not prescribed for anxiety or depression. And it barely works for most patient with fibro. I've known quite a few who thought it was great at first, only to have to stop it due to side effects, mainly extreme brain-fog.

    Hope this is helpful,

  4. MY mom and I both take it and yes it helps anxiety.Has your son tried zoloft? Ruthie
  5. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I have been on Lyrica for almost 3 years. If helps with my nerve pain, IBS and stomach issues.

    I have not heard of it's use for anxiety or depression but I would discuss this with a doctor.

    It has been very good for me and I would recommend people give it a try before dismissing it but I am not sure if it will work for those conditions.
  6. hensue

    hensue New Member

    He has been to four physc. The last one was at Duke they were doing a study on zoloft and he was in it. They call it Gad!
    Generalized anxiety disorder. Dan, i agree but therapy so far has not helped. He is married and works with my husband.
    His depression is caused by the anxiety he has. He has low self esteem, which this is common with disorder. It is like your adrenaline kicks in. You want to talk to people but the fight and flight fear takes over. So your thoughts are not there! It makes them feel like they cannot carry on in social situations. If it was not for my husband was not there. He could not work. If you google this disorder you would not believe the people it has affected. He did Klonopin for a short while. His wife got him off. He said it affected his memory. I am at my wits end. He is not suicidal yet. He is like rubber band that is going to pop. He is trying to get through the day. I thought him going through the motions of working would help. He still has everything internal. I think it is something to do with the cns like ours. It may be hereditary, I have seen quite a few try lyrica after i looked all day. It hasnt helped.
    You do not know how much i appreciate the help. When it is your child!
    Two that are so different both males 2 years apart. The other in Afghanistan. I am so proud of both of them. From what i understand this disorder is common. I just want him to be able to get through life. He has baby due in December his first.
    Maybe with prayers and people like you it will happen
    Thanks so much!
  7. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I believe there has to be a reason too! I just do not know how to find it. He said it started about 11 years ago. He would have been about 16, he was painfully shy before that. Nothing like this!
    His is a condition you cant tell by looking at him either!
    He feels like us know one understands!
    Thank you
    Tell me what i need to have him checked for?
  8. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Is your son in therapy?

    Also, I'd be a bit leery of what the Europeans are doing, they have a lot of catching up to do regarding psychiatric patients, disorders and medications.

    They just recently decided that CFS is NOT a psychiatric disorder....although her hospital had a portion of the psych ward for these patients.

    My daughter just spent 5 weeks in a psychiatric hospital in London and almost every patient on her ward was given Seroquel even for things as simple as trouble sleeping.

    I know the ups and downs of new med changes in a psych patient and just wanted to lend you my support and understanding.

    If you feel he's 'about to pop' go with your instincts and get him help if you can.


  9. hensue

    hensue New Member

    he should be. He has a home and a baby on the way. My husband and him are working on a gas pipeline up in Minnesota. Its one of those things you cant just take an hour off every week.
    He doesnt have the money now. Since he bought his house. To miss any time. There work is seasonal also so they have to work when they can. He does not take any meds. About 2 and half years ago his best friend died from drunk driving. Keith talk to this boy since the age of 12. I do know he does not drink or he would be divorced. I know when he was hanging around him and through highschool. On weekends he masked his symptoms with alcohol. He is smart enough to know he doesnt want to live like that. My dad was an alcoholic i always wonder did he have these symptoms?. Someone that is not familiar with what he is saying. would just say oh get over it dont worry about what they say. His mind keeps him from doing that. Where as i know i would not care. The Doc. explained it is a lot of the fight and flight syndrome. He trembles in his hands and sweats. Not pure out panic attacks anymore. He worries about everything. I guess that is a sensitive son. Like I said when he was growing up he was painfully shy. They were going to give him a scholarship to go to college to play baseball. He is a lefty big and tall good. He could not do it. So it is stopping his life. Thank god he found this woman. She is 34 3 kids, been in the navy works part time. She is going to school to be a speech pathl. She trys to encourage him. Most of this people can not keep a job because they cannot take the pressure of the anxiety everyday. He has had wonderful jobs and left. He could not talk to someone and carry on a normal conversation.
    You would never know it though.
    I am going to get him some help somehow i see this getting worse not better and with a pregnant wife. He doent like talking or upsetting her. Husband tries to understand but it is hard. He is very good with him. he does try to keep him around people. If he doesnt he seems to get a lot worse.
    Then he feels safe when he is not around a lot of people that is his comfort zone.
    i dont know
    I just cannot tell you how great it is to know people care!
    We all carry our burdens. I just dont talk to people about this not that it bothers me that he is like this. I hate it for him. Most people do not understand just like they dont understand our problem.
    goodlord i have talked all night
    Thanks so much any ideas please help me. i do not want anything to happen to him.
  10. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    First of all, please have faith that your son can get through this. I speak from experience...I had terrible anxiety and low self esteem, but especially this social anxiety that you talk about. I still have some social anxiety problems, but nothing like 20 years ago.

    Experts have learned so much about this in the last 30 years...but most people are still learning about the best ways to treat it -- to find the cause or causes -- just as I am still learning.

    It is critical that your husband and his wife (even if she's pregnant) understand the importance and seriousness of your son's anxiety problems. They all need to work together to find SOME ways that he can have some more "quiet" time to rest his overactive, hyper-excitable brain. If they don't acknowledge this, he could end up in the hospital...so how could he work or support his wife if that happened? They all need to work together.

    Besides talking with him, and/or talk therapy, here are some possible things to look into:

    1. His diet: Does he eat a lot of fast food, or microwave-type dinners and premade processed foods? Does he drink coffees or sodas with artificial colorings and flavorings?

    Many if not almost all of these foods contain artificial coloring and flavorings made from petrochemicals that were never meant for human consumption, and can contribute to extreme anxiety, ADHD, ADD, brain-fog, autism, etc.. This is a proven fact.

    You can find out more information by going to:
    http://www.feingold.org/success/parents.html and read about life-changing experiences once kids and adults stopped eating 'foods' that contained these chemicals. It might not work for your son, but who knows, it might make a huge, huge difference. Think about all the junk they've dished out in school for the past 20-30 years -- all of it loaded with chemicals and MSG. And we wonder why there is so much ADD and ADHD these days...

    Many of these chemicals in the foods are called phenols and/or salicylate compounds. Some of these can also be found naturally, in some plants, vegetables, etc.. They are very high in some spices. And for some reason, some people just can't seem to digest or break down even these natural salicylates.

    But you can find lists of "high-salicylate foods" and "Low-salicylate foods" online, so that he might try cutting back on the "high-s" foods, and see if his anxiety diminishes. A google search will turn up lots of information.

    There are also new digestive enzymes (new in the past 4-5 years) that help digest and break down salicylates and phenols. One of the foods that is very high in salicylates/phenols is ketchup. Some autistic kids can't go near ketchup without having a severe explosive anxiety reaction. But some sites report that if they take one of these digestive enzymes about 15 minutes before a meal...they suddenly find they can eat the food with no problem! It might not work for everyone, but they apparently are very helpful for a lot of people. One product is called No-Fenol, and another one is called Phenol-Assist (I think that's the name of it) -- both made by different companies. There are probably others out there, but the most specific on is No-Fenol.

    If you google "No-Fenol" and "anxiety", you can turn up several websites.

    Another possibility could be that he's unknowingly eating foods that have high levels of monosodium glutamate (or MSG). That chemical salt is added to most processed foods. Some people can handle it, others just cannot. So that might be something to look into.

    2. If he can get any medical tests, it might be a good idea to have a CDSA test done. CDSA stands for Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis. A good lab (like Meridan Valley or Quest(?)) can sometimes turn up high candida levels (yes, even in men!) and/or other problems that can actually cause extreme anxiety. Taking HIGH-dose probiotics can often help lower anxiety levels. Some people swear by Custom Probiotics, others have found that Three-lac helps. Both are quite pricey...but Jarrow makes a good one too, for less money.

    A google search on "candida" and "anxiety" or even "extreme anxiety" will turn up lots of information.

    3. VERY IMPORTANT: When did he taper off the klonopin -- and how fast did he taper off of it?

    His worsening anxiety could very well be due to what they call "protracted withdrawal" symptoms. This means that if someone tapers off the drug too quickly, then anxiety symptoms -- and other physical symptoms can suddenly reappear -- even six months after the drug has been stopped.

    This is not your son's fault, it's due to the brain getting used to the drug, and then when that drug isn't available anymore, even months later, it can become hyperactive, and hyperexcitable...leading to the anxiety symptoms. The vast majority of experts -- Professor Heather Ashton is one -- recommend that klonopin and other benzo's be tapered off VERY slowly...meaning over a period of six months to a year! Some people can taper off without too much problems, but others (like myself!)...it takes a very long time. But it is a lot safer, and a lot easier for the patient...and their brain. :)

    I should probably shut up for now. I and others might have some more suggestions, but this is a lot of information to digest, so perhaps making some of these changes will help.

    And above all, see if you can all work together to help him find some more quiet time, or do something distracting or even fun, to get his mind off of obsessing about the things he worries so much about.

    I hope this helps,



  11. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    It is so hard when we see our children going through things like this. My younger daughter is also 27.

    Anxiety can be like a self feeding loop, where it gets to the point that your body in a constant state of anxiety.

    When it gets to this point, medications are often needed to help break this cycle.

    For people with GAD, it is a dsyfunctional physical, not mental, response the body is having which is very different than the kind of anxiety most people experience in life. Medicaion is not necessarily recommended for minor anxiety issues.

    GAD is like a furnace that is continually running because the thermostat is set too high. The medications can help reset the bodies thermostat to a more comfortable level.

    Therapy along with the medication can be very effective. The type of therapy that is more like life skills management and how to deal with the disorder. Support groups can also be effective even after you are feeling better.

    When I was clinically depressed everything seemed too much to deal with. Once the medication kicked in, things seemed more managable, especially with the help of a good therapist. If I had had the same therapy without the medication, I am not sure if it would have been as effective.

    But it sometimes takes trial and error to find the right medication.

    I am not advocating medications to mask your sons anxiety but ones that will actually correct his nervous system dysfunctions.

    I wish you and your son the best and keep us informed how he is doing.

    Take care.

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  12. hensue

    hensue New Member

    He has been off klonopin for over a year. It did not agree with him. He did not take it for about two weeks. Don i have tried to talk to him about the importance of his diet. Yes they eat a lot of fast food. They work 12 hours a day 6 days a week usually in very remote areas. There are not usually big towns around the nearest one is in grand forks nd. He went there yesterday. To buy groceries for him and his Dad. His Dad had a lot of paper work to do. His tryglicerides are out of sight. His cholesterol also. He does not think his diet has anything to do with it. i have seen him pour sugar on sugar cereal. I am sure all the carbs he loves and sugar calms him.
    For a while. Do you think he could hypoglycemic. I was looking at that. He has a lot of the symptoms. He thinks i am just trying to get to lose weight. When i talk to him about it.
    If anyone has any medical or physical tests you think he should have done let me know. It is a vicous cycle. Dan i know i cannot tolerate msg. They are always eating chinese.
    So thanks everyone i am going to let him see these articles
    what your putting up and maybe someone might get through to him.
    Thanks a bunch
  13. hensue

    hensue New Member

    He has tried klonopin, lexapro, zoloft. celexa, wellbutrin,
    paxil, xanax just for a short period. He has been on concerta and adderal, that just gave him a tic and he got off it. concerta did not help. I know his brain needs to slow down.
    it is in overdrive. HIs body he is 6ft 1 and about 260 not in the beginning. After all these meds and torn acl surgery. He packed on some weight. It is not coming off the way he eats.
    He eats fast like it is going to calm him.
    just info
    I appreciate all this info it is helping a lot!
  14. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    Your statement that "he eats fast like it's going to calm him" suggests to me that perhaps -- perhaps -- he may have a blood sugar problem like hypoglycemia -- but it could also be a fungal or yeast (candida possibly) infection. Those buggers just CRAVE fast carbohydrates, so giving them the food they need to survive, may be at least part of the explanation why he craves these foods.

    The other explanation again, is that these fast foods (and other restuarant foods) and drinks are again loaded with artificial chemicals (I forgot to mention nutrasweet and/or aspartame and/or sucrolose -- terrible chemicals) that are put in food to get people to eat more. That is their SOLE purpose. They increase one's appetite, thus creating that vicious cycle you talk about. MSG is put in foods to get people to eat more. Think about the news reports and studies that show that obesity is increasing all the time in the US. We didn't have this problem 40-50 years ago.

    All that being said, it's not a good idea to just totally stop and switch over to a completely whole foods/real food diet -- because then the body will react, and he'll have stronger symptoms. Just like stopping a drug instantly.

    The key is to convince him to start eating ONE "real" meal a day, made of homemade foods. This sounds hard on their schedule, but if he or his wife buys a crockpot, and cooks up some sort of stew w/meat and vegetables, and maybe some brown rice, and just lets it slow cook overnight, then he could put it in a large thermos and take it with him to work the next day. It could last for several days.

    Then slowly but surely he could eat it for two meals. Or one meal and a snack. The KEY is to switch over SLOWLY so that his body doesn't rebel.

    Based on all of the things I've read -- the feingold diet plans, the phenols and salicylates etc in foods -- and the fact that you say he eats mostly fast food -- that suggests to me that that may be one of the MAIN reasons his mind is so overactive, and he thus has so much anxiety.

    Also, it would help if for a 'snack', he has a carton of milk, instead of any kind of soda pop, especially "diet" soda.

    I'm not a doctor of course, but just speak from experience. In my humble opinion, if we're talking about trying to get to the cause or causes of his anxieties, changing his diet, and also perhaps trying the No-Fenol digestive enzyme, may make a huge difference for him.


  15. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    There is an old tranquilizer that is used for major anxiety and it works better for some people then the new ones they have out there. It is called Trazadone. You take it at night and it makes you sleep really good. It gets rid of day and night attacks. I have been on it since '94.

    Dan that was great info. that you posted and I am going to look into the dietary issues. I know anxiety runs in some families and my 22 yr. old son has just started having them himself. My mother, brother and two sisters all suffer from anxiety. It seems like once it is turned on, you have it for life to some degree.

    It is horrible to see your children suffer. My son went out and bought a book about anxiety. I think he bought "anxiety for dummys" and it told him how to breathe thru an attack, stay away from caffiene and some other tips. He also went and had a physical and a chat with his pastor. While not on any med's he is doing a whole lot better just understanding that it is a temporary problem (duration of attack)and if needed there are med's to try.

    I hope your son finds relief soon. I was hospitalized twice for extreme attacks and took a very long time to find the right medication. Blessings, P
  16. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    You said:

    "His tryglicerides are out of sight. His cholesterol also. He does not think his diet has anything to do with it. i have seen him pour sugar on sugar cereal. I am sure all the carbs he loves and sugar calms him. "

    The problem is, these high carbs, especially high-fructose corn syrup RAISES triglycerides and cholersterol.

    Use google.com to look up this study:

    "The Negative Effects of High-Fructose Corn Syrup on the Human Body".

    There a hundreds of other studies too....google is your friend! :)


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  17. alangan1

    alangan1 New Member

    Boy there is some really good info on this thread. My son sounds very very similar and I am going to implement a few of these suggestions myself. I have been taking Probiotics lately and it has helped my digestive system alot. I noticed alot of extra itching in some not so easy to itch spots and it seemed or I felt like it was related to my sweet tooth so I just instinctively felt I needed to add probiotics and it has actaully helped. So now I am taking it to the next level thinking if maybe a full on probiotic course may help me . Anyway, it states in Proverbs "depression in the heart of man causes ANXIETY". Treating the body and the chemical issues makes sense. Then deal with the low esteem issues. For my son it was a daily struggle until he found a job that fufilled him, and we went through some real trials of fire with this depression monster. It does hurt to see them suffer. You sound very loving as a mom. I wish you well.
  18. hensue

    hensue New Member

    No you dont understand. You are correct about the eating correctly i agree. He is in Minnesota up near the canadian border. Working on a gas pipeline. His wife lives in North Carolina. This is where they both live when he is not working.
    My husband does the same thing. I have tried to get through to him about his eating habits. His wife is a size o. My husband loves pies and cakes. He does not think this will help him.
    I think it would also! He thinks i am being a nagging mother.
    Well I am! Where they work are usually in such remote areas. He had one day to run to grocery store yesterday. My husband called, i did not say anything. My son had gone to get one of those chickens that are cooked in Deli part. It is hard I am not there to cook. They get up at 4:30 in morning. Like I said this is seasonal work. Except they did work up there also last winter putting in a gas pipeline coming out of canada. They are working on other parts of it now. Its really interesting.
    Very hard work and very precise. You dont mess up or you go home. I am going to try to talk him one day and print off these replies or e-mail them to him. I know what to do. I think once ever does find something that he can do and he is good at it will help. I hope where he is sure of himself. My husband says the work now is perfect. He praises him. It is hard disorder, kinda of like ours to understand. I think if he knew so many people are affecting by this disorder it would help. That is why we alcoholics and druggies isnt it.
    Take our anxieties away. We will never give up him he knows that! His Dad knows i tell him. He thinks his Dad understands some of it!
    Talk about anxiety got one in Afghanistan. He is divorced his 2 children boys just like my two. Are in the path of the hurricane. He has physical custody, she has them only while i am watching even though she is 6 hours away. She has gotten them out of Cape Coral and up to Sarasota. Where her boyfriend and other people in a house. Right now they are out of harms way.
    Just to much stuff going out there people. I need to go back
    to work.
    Then i will not have so much anxiety! Why is it some mothers care so much. Then some do not care at all. I do not know what is going on these days
    Well i have rambled enough
    You are all great people! Lot of insight into other lives! I wish he could see there are people just like him
    As my son says in Army
    prayers for them too!
  19. charming

    charming New Member

    I believe that Lyrica is not for every one it say it in the commercial, and me personally would not try it im on neurontin and Lyrica is the same thing as neurontin they are both for anticonvulsion and given for nerve pain so why would I stop taking a medicine that is the same as the other medicine for a prettier name and maybe a higher price.Some people it works great and for some people it side effects are horrible , you be the judge .
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  20. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    I have a 16 yr. old daughter who has severe anxiety, mood disorder, low self esteem and ADD. At one point she was even hurting herself. She is in therapy, takes meds- 20 mg Focalin XR, Lamictal 100mg, celexa 60 mg nad takes Lorazapam as needed for panic attacks. I also give her melatonin at night to help her sleep.

    The worst couple of years is when she turned 12. But now she is doing much better. We are extremely close. I love our relationship. I believe that different things work for different people. I share the medication names that I or my family uses just in case it also may help someone else.

    Where as your son is an adult, married with baby on the way, his stress is probably through the roof. He has to be the one to want to get better, know matter how mach everyone else wants it. Please take care of yourself and do not fall into the guilt trap. It sounds to me you love your son very much and you did the best you could to raise him.

    Your a good mom and I welcome any questions that I can help with, or if you just need to vent I am here.

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