Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Season

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    Hello to all my friends. It has been a while since I have been to the WMB. I regret that. But I have been dealing with some issues, both in and out of the hospital. I am minus a gall bladder now - and with it went some unnecessary pain. I am grateful for that.

    As with many of you, my FMS rages on. I have learned it's ok for a 58 year old man to take an afternoon nap with his three year old toddler. Good excuse to lay down the old body, isn't it.(smile)

    I am not riding as much as I used to - due to fms. For each day in the saddle, it takes me about three days to recoup. It's tough.

    You, as a community, have been in my prayers often.

    I wanted to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving season. We truly have much to be thankful for - if we really look around for a moment.

    Love you'll!

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    Thanks for the holiday season wishes. It is good to step aside and really look at what we do have even with our pains, groanings, etc. We are so blessed in this country.

    My son lives in Korea and has lived in other Asian countries and he has learned that lesson of how blessed we are to live in America with our freedoms and freedom to worship.

    Jesus is truly the reason for our holiday season.

    I understand about your comment about horses. I miss riding and training. I graduated college in equine science, riding, etc. But God had a way different plan for my life. Yes, many times I have balked at His plan, letting Him know how "wrong" it was. He is so patient, showing me a different plan, that my life here on earth is but a drop in a big, big bucket. My eternity plan He has for me is magnificent and I am being groomed for that, that is what is important. (not to say I still don't drag my heels about this many days!).

    In Heaven, the first three things I am doing: 1) Holding Jesus until all my emotional and physical pain subsides, 2) Bear-hugging my two sons who are waiting for me in Heaven, 3) Finding the closest horse and exploring every corner of Heaven on horseback! On my super bad days, this gets me through.

    I have been dwelling on a new thought...."the will of God will never lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you." So true.

    Again, best wishes to your family, and your wife. I would like to meet her and I guess I will someday in Heaven!

    One more issue that has been heavy on my heart. I have also jumped on all your writings, feeling a need to question why you cared about we women and was suspicious. I am sorry. I have had abuse by men and this has carried over into things such as message boards. I am learning those men were those men, not you, not someone I meet on the job, etc. God is helping me heal with seeing those people are not every man. Again I apologize because I know in the past I have said things in statements to you I have regretted.

    Merry Christmas to your family also and praise God he sent His Son for people like us, all sinners. It is hard to understand such love.

    In Christ,

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