Have all symptoms of low-cortisol but get no HC. Anyone?

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    I know I feel normal on HC, because I once tried 5 mg of HC. Also the endo was in a shock when he examined my body. I have all symptoms of low cortisol, he admits. My blood shows normal-low. I have BHRT for all other hormones; progesteron, Armour, melatonine, DHEA. They will not give me HC. I told them that I tried it and I'm feeling pretty normal when taking it, instead of always lying in my bed, having no energy, migraine and sick all over the place.
    He gave me ADHS, it is a homeopathic medicin, and should help to up your bloodpressure. I don't feel/see anything happening.

    How do I convince a dr. I need the HC?
    I think it is a crime to leave me sick on my bed for 9 years, knowing what can be done to help me.

    Does anyone have had a same experience and convinced his dr.? And how?

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    Are you referring to Hydrocortisone, Hydracodone, or something else?

    If I personally were trying to convince a doctor that something didn't work, I would give it a two months trial so I could honestly tell the doctor that I did give it a sufficient trial and it just didn't work at all.

    Then go to him with a list of EVERYTHING you are taking--all medications, vitamins, herbals and over the counter cold meds, aspirin, etc.-- and talk to him about HC (whatever it is). I would ask if he has concerns that it may interact with something else I am taking or if that is not it, then what are the concerns of the doctor about putting you on it.

    If it is a narcotic, some doctors hesitate and may require you, as part of a federal program on narcotics, to undergo random urine testing and pill counting from time to time and if you are found not in compliance with the prescribed routine taking of the drug (that also includes not taking enough because then they are concerned you are selling it), the doctor will not refill and the doctor drops you from his care.

    I hope this gives you some info.
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