Have any famous folks revealed fibro diagnosis?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibropax, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. fibropax

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    Sometimes when someone with fame comes forward with an illness the research gets more money and attention.
    Is there anyone that has come forward to advocate for fibro? It would help us to be taken more seriously and hopefully raise the money to fund a cure. I remember Cher said she had CFS a long time ago but I can't recall anyone else coming forward.
  2. Shannonsparkles

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    The woman who wrote "Seabiscuit" has CFS.
  3. sleepyinlalaland

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    Keith Jarrett has been very open about his "adventure" with CFS. Keith is a marvelous improvisational pianist, probably most popular during late the late 70s, but always productive. I think he has just produced his first new CD since his onset of CFS several years ago. He talked frankly about it with Terr Gross of NPR a couple years ago.

    Of course Cher and her episode of CFS is well-known, but mysterious (if she recovered, HOW?).

    A.J. Langer supposedly mentioned her FM in an article in TV Guide (I didn't see it). She was a co-star on the show "My So-Called Life" with Claire Daines. She sure seems to be doing OK TODAY, as I just read an article in In-Style (i think) about her current role as the new wife of some kind of Baron (?...royalty) and living in a lovely castle in England. That probably cushions her condition!

    Also Bea Arthur of THE GOLDEN GIRLS tried to bring serious attention to the condition on an episode of the show. (Her character Dorothy had it, don't know if Bea did).
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  4. snooker11

    snooker11 New Member

    i think Sinead O'conner has fibro.

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