Have any of you ever broke out in a terrible rash?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Crispangel66, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    A few weeks ago I was feeling crappier than usual which is pretty crappy and I began itching and noticed I was starting to have a rash it got worse so I called the dr and he wasn't sure about it my blood sugar was 365 and I was feeling really weak.

    Well he put me on prednisone and anti itch meds and finally the rash is gone but the scars are terrible looking.

  2. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    I have had this but it didnt leave scars.It iched terrible and it looked more like bug bits large ,all over my body.
    Doc put me on predisone ,it did not help I gained 100 pounds .Ive never lost the weight.

    Findly a Homeopathy put me on a med its in my other post.He said he thought I had mercury Posion .The med worked that was 7 years ago right before I got ill with the FM/CFS
  3. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Being that your blood sugar was 365, I assume you have diabetes?

    One who has diabetes should never be put on prednisone as it will make your sugar out of control. I don't know what your doctor is thinking but you really need to keep checking your sugar and bring this up to your doc.

    Your sugar being 365 is way out of control. There are other meds to deal with a rash other than prednisone and it is rarely if ever is used in diabetics.

    No offense, but your doctor doesn't sound like he/she knows what he is doing.

    You are taking an awful chance with your sugar being that high.

    Take care,

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