Have any women lost hair from FMS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by yggiz, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. yggiz

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    also on other parts of body? I read where FMS can cause hair loss. I have lost hair on top of my head & it is a lot thinner all over my head. I was wondering if this happened to anybody else & if so, was there anything that could be done about it. It is depressing to lose your hair, especially for women.

    Thank you, Jackie
  2. ilovecats94

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    or it isn't growing back, whichever... I don't know if it is due to FMS or menopause or what. Mine started around 1993 and I thought it was due to the Premarin I was on, so I quit it. But my hair has never gotten like it was.

    I didn't get full blown FMS until 1995.

    I get my hair colored to give it a little extra thickness and body. Only get it done every 2 months.

    I wish I knew a solution, but I wouldn't want thicker hair on my head if I had to have it other places too. lol

  3. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I did not even realize just how bad it was for a while, but knew it was geeting worse.

    Real thin on top. Hardly any body hair. I shaved my legs twice last year and only because I thought I should, I do not think I really needed to. I do go swimming and wear shorts a lot in summer.

    Mine I think is partly my illness and the rest hereditary.
    doctors say there is nothing I can do for this problem.

    I am in my 60s and have surprised myself that this does not bother me. Really. I now have three wigs and they look nice.
    At any time I can be ready and look nice with no problem. I could not keep my arms up to work on my hair right anyhow.

    The wigs are not really expensive and wash up and shake when dry and go....few touch ups with comb or brush sometimes.

    I know others that is doing this also. I found site on 'puter after the company being recommended to me. It is Debbie Young. I think I can say that.

    I feel good when I have them on and even younger.......LOL.

    I had a repairman come an hr. early a while back. I was getting dressed, had clothes on, but hair pinned up and no makeup. I let him in. When he saw me next I had hair and makeup and jewerly. I have wondered what he thought! LOL.

    I do not know really what the cause of this is! Just guesses. That is the least of my worries.
  4. yggiz

    yggiz New Member

  5. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I have lost alot of hair after finding out I had fibro I noticed my hair was falling out.

    It is alot thinner than it was when I was young.

    I used to have thick hair like my son.
  6. Cindi

    Cindi New Member

    I've been dx'd with Fibro for almost 9 years. I never had extremely thick hair, but I had enough that it looked good, and I liked it.

    A year ago, I noticed that it was getting very thin, then I started losing alot in the drain and when I styled it.
    I saw my GP, a dermatologist and endocrinologist. The conclusion is that this was triggered by a particular medication (Topamax), and also has a hormonal component to it. Ironically I stopped losing my hair in Dec. after going off Prozac (for good - was on and off it for several years). I KNOW in my heart that the Prozac was also part of the problem. Unfortunately, many medications have HL as a side effect, even though it's not always listed, or is listed as "rare". I have taken many meds for my Fibro, but in the last few years, I have limited what I take, due to adverse reactions, including the hair loss. My endocrinologist is hesitant to put me on anything (for my hormone problem) due to this, so we're taking a "wait & see" approach.

    I have been on supplements - vitamins for hair, skin & nails, biotin, etc. I also used hair products for thinning hair, including Nioxin. The Nioxin made my hair fall out more!! I have not tried flax or the shake, but I think I will after seeing Stormyskye's posts on this. I also heard that whey is good for the hair, and I know that this is in the shake.

    At this point, my hair IS NOT growing back, and the texture is horrible since I started losing it. It does not look healthy or nice. I decided to explore wigs, and have been wearing them for a few months now. I LOVE them, and they look much better than my own hair ever did! I have gotten SO many compliments on my new haircut and color! This may be temporary, or my hair could get better. At least I know that I have this option! I'm wearing a full wig now, but will probably start exploring hairpieces that I can incorporate with my own hair.

    Good luck yggiz! There IS hope, and other options available :)

  7. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    .... some days I find it really so depressing .. those are the days I have sweats even just after the shower and what hair I do have sticks to my head and looks even worse .. other than that I should be glad I have all my body parts and can use them once and a while ? haha
    You have to see some humor in this, other wise you would go mad ... or eat fudge a lot more than I do now ! haha
    Fudge ... with baby fine hair ! : )
  8. pamsue

    pamsue New Member

    Loosing hair, this is an interesting question. I have lost a lot of hair through the years, but I thought most of it was after I had my children. Maybe it does have something to do with this dd.

    I have no idea, but thanks for bringing this up

  9. Kimelia

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    I lose lots of hair. IT's in my brushes and everywhere! But luckily I have really thick hair so it's still really full. Thing is that my hair use to be coarse but since I became ill the individual strands have become fine/thin. I like it better actually, looks softer now though I would rather be well with my old coarse hair:/

    Has anyone had my experience?

    Sorry to hear you guys have to deal with it in such a negative way :(

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  10. lilchisler

    lilchisler New Member

    Hi there,
    I just had to post concerning this. I have been diagnosed with Fibro and possible Lupus for about 7 years, but the onset of this illness ( I believe ) started over 20 years ago when I was 20 years old.

    I found a bald spot about the size of a quarter at the back of my head. It took about 6 months for regrowth to start in that area but by that time, I would have 4 or 5 more bald spots. I ended up being totally bald for almost 5 years. I was injected with quartisone shots and Lydex ointment. My hair did eventually come back in, but I have
    had bald spots, intermittently throughout this illness.

    They always show themselves about 2 to 3 months after a major trauma or tragedy in my life. They have always filled back in, but do to the injuections, I did become infertile.

    I believe this was the beginning. I had serious irritable bowel and sickness going on at the time. I was violently sick all over. I lost 14 punds in less than 5 days.

    I eventually recovered from all of that, but the aftermath and the high stress of my job and the many hours of running a business, then injuring my shoulder and neck...brought all the signs of Fibro full blown about 7 years ago.

    This is long and I am sorry, but our stories are all so different, yet so similar. I have, by trial and error have this dang illness somewhat under control and still I have never felt so bad or been in so much pain.

    My nephew, whom I was very close to, was killed in a 4 wheeler accident about 4 months ago....appros 3 weeks ago, I found the bald spot where the original one started. It is filling in, but it is the immune systems way of "rejecting" itself. It sees the hair follicle and hair as a threat. The bulb and papilla stay open to long due to swelling and the hair falls out before it can close because our bodies want feel the infamation caused from our nervous system and think that if the threat is "pushed out" (the hair shaft ) then the hair follicle will be well.

    I guess the proper name is Alopecia Areata.
    I hope this gave some info.
    Thanks for all the great help on this board.

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