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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat211, Dec 7, 2010.

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    Hi all. I haven't been here for a while b/c I have been in and out of Dr's offices and hospitals with my son and I because of the mold in our house, my fibro, and my neck issues. I have good news, bad news, and just plain news.

    Bad news is that we are worse as far as the mold goes than I originally thought. Today is the first day in a few weeks that one of us hasn't had a drs appt and my son is actually home not feeling well (he probably should have gone to school, but I am a push over right now). After almost losing my son 3 times and having gone through so much already so that he could overcome the issues he struggled w/due to his prematurity, he is now having to go back through extensive treatment due to the mold. This has caused a festering rage against the unscrupulous jerks who covered up the mold in our house to grow inside my usual peaceful nature. I have been coping with retail therapy, which is not very healthy given my unemployed status and the gigantic medical bills, oh and that pesky attorney. Oh, I'm really sick too from it. My endo took me off of armour for a week to see if it is causing my elevated heart rate and I am feeling awful. I am currently waiting for him to call me back to discuss going back on it.

    The good news is that due to something none of the doctors can pinpoint, both my son and I have mysteriously overcome our dairy allergies. We had a real pizza last night, his first ever and my first in 15 years. Good grief was it tasty! We might have it again tonight. I also found out yesterday that although my neck is messed up and painful, it does not require surgery right now. It was a very real option, but the EMG should that my nerves were not damaged.

    Now for the just news news. I am going back to mediation about my house tomorrow morning. I am trying to remain as positive as possible. I would really like to settle tomorrow. Even though I do not have all of the medical documentation at this time, my primary concern is to get my son out of this house and into a safe environment until this one is made safe. The longer this drags out the longer he suffers. If you could send good vibes or prayers my way I could really use them and would appreciate it. I'm not sure what will happen to us if we don't get a good settlement tomorrow. Going to court will cost $65-75k, and I don't have that kind of money. I know everything will work out somehow, there is no other options.

    Here's to focusing on the positive, even when the negative seems insurmountable.

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    They offered $1k and I told them, uh, well you can use your imagination here, and told my atty to file the paperwork w/the court. You do not mess with my child's health and get away with it. I don't know how I am going to fight this battle or pay for it, all of our medical expenses, and everything else, but I know I will find a way.

    I have remained positive up until this point b/c I have had to in order to stay strong and to help keep my fibro in check b/c I flare worse when I get angry, and I will continue on the same course. Although I am going to go lay down for a bit b/c I am hurting pretty bad right now.

    All I know is that my son's life, health and well-being have and continue to be threatened and I will not stand by and allow it to happen. It was hard enough when it was only me and we only thought it was making my fibro worse, but now it is war.

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