Have been singing the praises of Topamax and...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wle, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. wle

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    ...today am wiped out. I hope it is just this busy stressful week that is finally catching up with me and not a side effect of the topamax as I have felt so good all week. Today I feel like I could use a nap and it is only 10:30AM! Since I am work there is no cance of that. Madwolf if you happen to read this - or anyone else that might know - I have now slept through the alarm 3 mornings in a row - I jump outa bed refreshed - by that I mean - no hung over feeling and am not still sleepy. I am on 25mg topamax 2X a day since 8/23. Am I on too much to start? I go to 50mg 2X a day on 9/13. I am sorta afraid that the topamax is the reason I am so wiped today. Have a really busy weekend ahead with my Mom's 90th birthday - two different celebrations - she will fare better than I do! WLE
  2. wle

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    .............it. As today goes on I am feeling better. Could be I was just tired. I now jump to conclusions over anything and everything. WLE
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    and have been wiped out more than usual the past few days. I wonder if there are any other ideas as to why. I haven't been doing anything too differently. My started back to school but, I'm usually already awake at the time to get him up and out the door any way but, now I just want to sleep all day and all night. Do you mind if I ask if you take other meds for sleep?

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