Have CFS and weighing vaccinations for my baby

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    Hey everyone, I haven't posted in many years, but this board has been such a blessing and i hope i was able to be of help when i had something to say! now I have a baby and I need a lot of help! For those with children, did you worry about vaccinating them, like if the genetic component/susceptibility would make them more vulnerable to adverse reactions or damage? If genes are loading the gun as they say, i dont want a shot to pull the trigger! Its so daunting and makes me so anxious to even think about it. can you guys share your experiences one way or the other? thank you so much! (my case started after mono.)

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    Hi Skychomper, nice to meet you.

    I don't have a baby, but I do have a grandbaby. His parents are both in the medical field and were concerned with vaccination overload and autism, as well as the entire spectrum, since it is so prevelant these days in boys especially.

    What they did was to break the vaccinations up. They did not allow their child to get them all at once. They also did not allow the Hepatisis shot they are pushing now.

    My grandson has the vaccines spaced apart and he has done fine.

    It really is a personal decision and one has to weigh the other side of the equation as to what can happen to your child if you do not vaccinate them.

    I hope some others will have some experience to share with you on this subject.

    Hugs back,
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    Many in our family in the health field, and our kids also split up the shots with their little ones. Good grief, if you let them, they'll give up to 6 different vaccinations at once, which to me is asking for trouble big time!

    My kids have occasionally had a fight on their hands with this issue, but remember you're still the parent, and there's nothing wrong with spacing them out. My daughters also refused a couple of the shots for their little ones, especially the new ones. If they're 'forced' to get them later they will, but not for now.

    I completely feel some of these vaccinations are unnecessary, and cause as many complications as they do good. Just my opinion.
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    My daughter has a great doc who doesn't believe in giving all those shots together. In fact, she didn't get a couple of the shots which aren't as vital. The others were given separately over a longer period. So far, DGS has been very healthy.

    There are ways to protect kids/babies without overvaccinating them. I think there are more and more docs who are willing to work with moms and dads on this.

    Love, Mikie
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    On the flip side of the coin....in response to your statement "it is really a personal decision and one has to weigh the other side of the equation as to what can happen to your child if you do not vaccinate them". Please consider also the consequences for the other children /people that your unvaccinated child comes in contact with. Chicken pox and measles and mumps can have deadly consequences and some states have had epidemics recently because parents insist on not vaccinating their children.

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    They focused on the mercury preservative in the vaccines. Then the mercury was removed. In my mind that's a good thing but I don't think that's the main issue; it's too many vaccines all at once. My DGS took none of the combined vaccines. They were given separately.

    Autism now occurs in 1 in 110 baby boys. We really need to find out what is causing this. Not every one of them has severe autism but even those with Asperger's who are high functioning are unacceptable.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, your thinking and mine are exactly the same. Jam, the reason my grands are taking the immunizations is that they can't go to school without them. It's the law. I hate that the government has the power to remove parent's rights, but they did (and do). I agree that some immunizations may be necessary to protect others in this tight-knit world, but they come up with all these new ones that are just nonsense.

    Some young parents don't know they still have a choice, at least to space them out over a longer time. But it's not an option to refuse them and expect your child to be able to attend school. At least not here. They check the immunization records closer than anything here.
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    My daughter is 5 months old and so far has not had any shots. I'm nursing her and plan to for at least another month if not a full year. So fa she has only had one little cold. I think there are too many shots. Given too close together, and too early. I understand that it's to provide some protection to the very young for who if there are complications from the disease it can be bad, but the ingredients, and the way they subvert the body natural defenses bothers me. The fact that it took them till the 90's to remove mercury and only after public outcry tells me that no one is really looking out for our children. And the chicken pox and mmr viruses both have live viruses which I thought was a major problem with the polio vaccine. There are a lot of reports of disease outbreak where 95% of the kids had been vaccinated. Which sucks! Kids can also shed the virus for a few weeks after getting the shot so maybe that is one way that the particluar disease is entering the community.

    On the other hand, My mom told me and my sister that we both had an extremely bad case of chicken pox, my sister having seizures from it, and she believes that's when her immune problems started, she doesn't have CFS like me but an antibody deficiency and is constantly on antibiotics. We were both fully vaccinated, though they didn't have the chicken pox one yet, obviously.

    When I had my daughter, they were not going to ask my permission to give her hep b, In the middle of labor I suddenly realized this - i planned on a birth center birth - and told them I didn't want it, and I had to sign a waiver for them NOT to do it. it should be the other way around !!

    Thank you all for replying, it's good to hear all the different takes and observations on it. Also Makes me want to find out about mito damage or defect in myself after hearing the Hannah poling case where it was decided that a vaccine triggered her autism as a result of the underlying defect. Oof. Of mice and men!
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    We also spread our youngest's out and that was because he already was at high risk for sensory issues and adhd as he was premature and a very sick premie at that-he had quit moving in utero at 7 months along and went to doc and he was born by emergency c-section that day in heart failure, kidney failure, on ventilator-he is 7 yrs old has sensory issues, adhd and aspergers, but his are stemming from his medically fragile birth. We have stopped getting flu shots, holding on boosters-they were pushing a couple of new shots on our 11 yr old this summer and I asked the doc reason for the meningitis shot and he said was more for college kids in dorm-like environments-we passed until our child was more in that type of environment. I think the important thing is to research, ask questions and be an informed consumer. My sister-in-law waited on some shots until the kids were over 1 yrs old which decreased the amount they were given. Our youngest had his hair tested and his aluminium readings were off the charts the mercury is removed but there are many adjuvants in those shots our kids bodies have to process. Also, make sure your child is well when they get them. Some docs like to get them in when your in for something else like ear infection or your child may have a cold when due for shots-pass as will only more overwhelm their immune system. Good luck in your decision-I am feeling guilty enough about passing on the kids flu shots again this year, but more at ease when I told their pediatrician that I was not happy that they dumped the H1N1 in with it and he didn't argue, but said that they were most likely removing it in the future.