Have diet and/or yoga helped?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fibropax, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. fibropax

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    I want to try yoga and try to get off of sugar and flour. I'm in too much pain most of the time to go to a yoga class but plan to deal with changing my pain meds this week. Especially after the great info I just got from the last post on meds, thanks everyone!
    I also have gained weight and have been craving carbs. I've read that cutting sugar and flour is really helpful.
    I know a woman who did yoga and and the diet and reversed her fibro symptoms and is doing great.
    Anyone else have success with either of these two things?
  2. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    I would reccoment the candida diet. There are books at your library about how to do it and for cooking with it. It is a low-carb, whole foods diet specially made to kill the parasitic yeasts that can infest us. Sure made me feel better! If you decide to use it, your cravings may be stronger for the first couple of weeks - when I started doing this, I had to get all my junk food out of the house or I'd gobble it in a snap! So if you make a mistake at first, keep doing the diet and it will be easier soon. Also, you get the most benefit from the diet if you begin by doing the stricter form of it in the beginning, then adding other 'maybe okay' foods after a month or two has passed. The candida diet has helped me a lot. I used to feel ravenously hungry at bedtime and need to stuff myself to bursting or I couldn't sleep. But when I cut out the sweet foods I didn't feel the need to gorge like that at night. It's helped my with my depression and brain fog too. It helps the digestive system to heal, so now I can eat foods like raw vegetables, which would incapacitate me before. I like that candida meals are very simple to prepare, so it takes less energy and time. Now I look at foods I have loved before (like pizza) and it's like, EEEWWWWW!!!!! I'd rather eat play dough than pizza!!!!!! A candida cookbook may not mention this (some of them are older) but there are some sweeteners now that you can use with this diet: stevia, xylitol and vegetable glycerine.

    I haven't tried yoga, but I do like accupuncture. It helps me feel calmer and sleep better. Seems to give my sense of humor a boost too. I get it near my home at an accupuncture college, so I only have to pay $15 a pop! Oh, and with the yoga, I can totally understand about not being able to go to the class right now. Why not get a few library books on the subject and try out the moves at home? Then you could do it every day for a few minutes if you like, just to where it's comfortable but not too much.

    There are lots of helpful things we can try that will make a difference in our lives and DD, even if in a small way. Good luck with whatever you do!
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  3. Pianowoman

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    I'm not sure where you are but some Yoga places have classes called Restorative Yoga. These are special classes for people with chronc pain and other health challenges. I did it for quite a while and found it very helpful.

  4. JPach007

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    My water pilates group is "on strike" because the water is not warm enough, so I decided to try yoga. Last week I went for the first time...ever... and I found it very calming. Some of the movements are tough for me to do because my muscles feel so locked and tight, but the stretching felt really good. I was sore the next day, but I'm going back for more tomorrow.
    As for diet...my body does well on low-carb, but I always fall back onto carbs..rice, potatoes, pasta gets me every time!
  5. Smiffy

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    A low carb diet has really helped my brainfog & stopped the carb cravings. I use Dr St Amand's as it's devised for fibromyalgics, but there are several. Good luck with the yoga!

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