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    hi all

    good news first, i have applied to come off mobility all together. these past few weeks i have been getting around so much better. the pain seems to have moved upward to my back shoulders and arms but my legs although still painful i am moving better.

    am just waiting for my form now and then it should be quite quick.

    the bad news. i noticed a while ago that my sister aged 13 was having the same symptoms as did.
    her knees were so painful mum took her to the dr, where all my blood tests were over the years sis had the lot done in one go. i told her she was at the vampire clinic :)

    anyway her dr reckons she is looking at fm. just waiting for the test results now, mother is freaking out as now she knows the full implications after watching me.

    sis thankfully isnt that bothered, she is just like me in that she will take it it on the chin and deal with whatever happens as it happens.

    i'm glad my fm is leaving my legs again as its been so long 'without' them but i feel for sis as its still hanging over your head - when will it come back. i've always moved in cycles of a few years really bad then a few years perfectly fine.

    anyway thats my news :) oh i do have some extra good news I AM ON A DISPLAY TEAM!!! i'm doing heel work to music and obedience displays!! how cool is that!
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    But could you explain "display team" and "obedience displays"?? I'm in the U.S. and it sounds unlike anything I've ever heard of!
  3. smiffy79

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    sorry to hear of another poor kid with it, its hard enough to deal with as an adult and it just sucks as a teen.

    the display team is a canine display team. we will be producing a display for the public at a show to demonstrate heel work and obedience.

    the heel work routine is near enough sorted, just a few more practice runs to iron out the creases but its never the same as in the ring. also as my dogs are deaf something gets said about them and my work with them as we work. the first year they did it i wasnt warned!! can you imagine my shock! i was bricking it anyway as it was my first time out and then the attention is drawn to me ARGH!

    it was more eeeekkk actually lol