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    I am so tired of dealing with life. I have heard all the pep talks and given alot of the pep talks myself. Tonight they just aren't cutting it.

    I am out of work again. I am the person who is on top of everything. Never had any problems on my job. I have been fired twice in the last year. The first one I am not going to lose sleep over. It was just bogus and everyone knew it at the time. But the second time, was just because I couldn't keep my mind clear to learn a new job with a new company. My poor husband is working two jobs to put food on the table and we are steadily falling behind. I can't even get a job at McDonald's because I am over qualified.

    I had decided that this was the year that I was going to get my sh*t together. I was finally going to make me a priority. I was going to have weight loss surgery (please, keep your opinions to yourself on this one), start excercising more and get better. It's a little hard to accomplish all this when you don't have insurance or money for the deductibles.

    I am too tired to have our regular "Friday Night Date", hurt too bad to go to bed. Tonight Life Sucks.
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    I just went back to work a couple of months ago, so I went to the Doctor yesterday with my new insurance so that I could get some extra care and they sent me away with nothing. I have been in the hospital with migraines and have missed work four days out of the last three weeks because I was being shot with morphene. God forbid my doctor help me with pain control let alone run some more tests. What the hell is wrong with this system. My husband is on disability because he was in an accident at work and now has three blown disks in his back. Needless to say its hard for us to support each other when he cant get a good doctor either. I told him the other day to remember that 50% of doctors graduate in the lower half of their class! LOL
    I know your not in the mood for a pep talk and frankly, neither am I. I hope you get rest tonight and hopefully tomorrow you will wake up with better coping skills. You know there will be even more problem solving to do. Find it in your heart this evening to start a gratitude journal. I keep saying I will, But I really will! Your in my thoughts Tina
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    Mmmmmm,life isn't so terrible! Maybe you are putting yourself under too much pressure - sounds like you need more time to get the disease (FM or CFS) under control. The foghead and short term memory loss is a b...tch. I'm scared to even try to get a job anymore - what is out there that I can handle with the pain and fatigue of FMS?
    I used to be so sharp, always had excellent reference letters, superb reviews, moved up quickly and nice raises ($1.00/hr every year.)

    Take care of yourself - go for it with the surgery - my absolute dearest friend had it done last year and has lost well over 100 lbs. She looks and feels like a million dollars. Obviously someone or several people have made derogatory remarks about the surgery. I have battled with weight problems all my life and dealt with those off-beat comments - Tell any "negatives" to GO BLOW AND GET A REAL LIFE INSTEAD OF JUDGING YOURS! Maybe that will help with your morale and the next time someone tells you that you're over-qualfied for a job - tell them that's o.k., "I don't plan on being at the bottom very long" "I'm looking for a career and I am well aware that sometimes you have to start at the bottom of the ladder." "I would love to join your firm for the long haul."

    Life does suck when you're battling with these diseases.
    That's why we have to regroup ourselves and find a meaning in it for ourselves.

    God bless you ~ you will be in my prayers tonite.

    Hang on - better days are coming!

    Lots of soft hugs,