Have had the DLA doc out!

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    Finally the doctor came yesterday for the DLA assessment. He only gave me four days notice, and I decided that althought my partner was not here (visiting recenlty widowed mother), I was so bad that I should let it run. And what happened yesterday, it was like a visit to the dentist, a miracle, every part of me that had hurt for so long went on holiday, because I actually had some reasonable sleep the night before!! My brain couldn't work fast enough to keep up with the questions and give sensible specific responses, just vague answers. And now I am convinced he thinks I am 'faking'. He was only here a half hour, and didn't even see me walk. Didn't ask me to guage my day - good bad etc. All he said at the end was that it would take about 6 weeks for me to hear.

    Last night I couldn't sleep again, and so kept running the video in my head, trying to remember what he had written, and what I had said. What he had missed off and what he had interpreted. I know it is stupid to do, because I can't change anything, but I can't stop myself. I feel I am being judged again, without anyone taking the proper amount of time to ask and listen and give me a chance to formulate proper answers.

    I know the system is not easy, but hell, why is it so bad for those of us who really need it??

    Thanks for listening, I've been brooding over this by myself for the past 24 hours, and basically making myself worse.


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    Hi Jacqui
    I hope it goes well for you after the visit from doc.You really should have had someone with you at the visit but if you don't get it you must appeal right away.Go to ASK JEEVES and type in DLA and find all info on there.Itwill tell you how to appeal if you don't get it.If it goes to appeal go to c.a.b. or support group and get someone to go with you.Good luck and don't worry.