Have had to change Doctors and suffer from chronic back pain

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    I was without medical insurance for a good amount of time and do not have a GP now because of it. I suffer from chronic back pain that has been getting more severe over the last few months (to the extent it affects my work). I have been through Pain Management before, but would rather not go that rought unless absolutly nessesary. There are medicines that used to work well and I could take as needed as opposed to a daily regement. I need to find a doctor in Louisville who may be able to help me with this, but know not who may not be afraid to prescribe something besides muscle relaxers and anti inflamitories, that do not help my disc situation.
    If anyone knows any caring doctors in Louisville, KY any advice will be greatly appreiciated. I have been dealing with this for years and got myself off the daily pills but the pain is unbearable at times.

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    Welcome to our website. Your post is on the Health Board, which is fine, but it doesn't get much traffic. You don't mention the cause of your pain. We do have a Fibromyalgia board where a lot of people have experience with pain docs and pain meds. Perhaps you would get responses there.

    Love, Mikie