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    I haven't discussed this on this board before because VNS(which was first used for elipepsy and then for unremitting depression when all antidepressants fail to help) is, after all, a Fibro and CFID board.

    However, I looked up clinical trials on this site and found one in New Jersey that will test if it helps Fibromyalgia and CFIDS.

    I am too far away and too old for the test but I had it done on my own about 3 or 4 months ago. I immediately lost my brain fog and was alert. I was no longer in bed sleeping most of the time. I have enough energy to keep up the house and shop (and actually write a shopping list.)
    I did not have constant pain.

    It is NOT brain surgery. A pacemaker is inserted into your chest in one incision and a wire from the pacemaker is put around your vagus nerve in your neck in another incision. After the incisions heal the pacemaker is started by a magnet. Every month mine gives me a higher dose until I reach 1.5.
    I started at .25 I receive a shock every 5 minutes lasting for 30 seconds.

    I will be honest and say there are side effects. My mind stays active 24 hours a day so I take Ambien if I can't sleep. Also, since the vagus nerve is so close to the vocal cord it causes voice variances. When I get the shock I cannot speak for a few seconds and I slowly get my voice back. It embarrasses me but it a small price to pay for getting most of my life back.

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    that is wonderful!

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