Have healthy meal suggestions?

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    My husband and I are so sick of trying to figure out every day what to fix for dinner. He's gone to work 5 days for breakfast and lunch and I make do at home, but dinners are a hassle! We've done soups and some one pot things ahead but need just daily meals that don't take long to fix. We haven't eaten beef in a few years but do eat chicken, turkey (NOT ground..I just can't "handle" it..lol!) and some fish. I don't "like" fish but force myself now and then. Any ideas are welcome!
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    healthy. I'm going to get my journal out and put any replies down as they come. Thanks to anyone who replies!!
    Hugs Bambi!
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    Bambi .. I don't know if you use a crockpot .. they are great for throwing all the ingrediants in and just letting it cook a few hours on high ..
    I just did a pork "stew" we had a small pork loin that I cut up into chunks .. added a couple of white potatoes, a large sweet potato, which is full of good vitamins, cut up carrots, onion and a can of muchroom soup along with tomato soup .. and what ever spices you like .. garlic, salt, pepper etc .. it is low in fat and lots of good vitamins with the veggies .. I don't know how you feel about pork .. but if it is a good cut it is tender and delicious ! This can be poured over rice or nodles as well.
    I hate cooking, but this is an easy meal to do up !
    Good luck
    Fudge : )
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    good! Will copy them into journal! Here's one I do that is easy but sounds hard;
    Mexican Chicken and Rice (Gringo style) LOL!
    8" or 10" skillet with tight lid
    1 can white chicken..deboned
    1 Cup long grain rice
    1/2 stick butter or eqiv. margarine
    1 can chicken broth..low sodium
    1/4 C.Pace Picante sauce..I use mild.
    1/2 bell pepper, any color diced
    1/2 medium spanish or? onion diced
    1/2 Tablespoon chopped garlic
    1 stalk celery, chopped
    1 sm. can mushrooms or fresh chopped
    1/2 package Taco seasoning
    1 heaping teaspoon Sweet Basil
    1/2 heaping teaspoon Oregano
    1/8 teaspoon or? fennel seed
    Optional 1 bay leaf
    In 2 cup measuring cup:
    Chicken broth to 1 3/4 mark
    Salsa, Taco Seasoning, Sweet Basil, Oregano, fennel, bay leaf--stir well.
    Fill to 2 C mark with remaining chicken broth. If you don't have enough broth use water. Set aside.
    Actually low fat and pretty healthy.
    Melt butter in skillet.
    Over medium heat:
    Brown rice to light golden color--
    Stir occasionally to avoid burning
    When about 2/3 browned add;
    onion, bell pepper and celery on top
    of rice. Do not stir.
    When rice is ready, spread chicken over rice, do not stir in.
    Pour liquid over all. Do not stir.
    Bring to solid boil, then; Put on lid.

    Reduce heat to simmer for exactly 35 minutes.

    Do NOT remove lid immediately.

    After 5 or 10 minutes serve with;
    brocolli or corn, garlic toast, tortillas, refried beans or? Will serve 4 easily.
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    Asian Chicken...easy!
    Bake several chicken pieces...as many as you want, until done.
    I put them into a 9 x 13 pan and cover it with foil and just let it bake at 350. Then I stir together the sauce:
    1/2 c. peanut butter
    1/4 c. toasted sesame marinade (by Kikkoman)
    1/3 c. coconut milk
    2 T. honey
    hot pepper flakes (opt)
    I stir these together and thin it if needed with water or more coconut milk. Then serve the sauce on top of the baked chicken with some cooked rice. Or you can roll it up in a tortilla and put some shredded lettuce or cabbage in too. Very easy and good!
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    Mex chicken

    marinate chicken in olive oil,lime juice, cilantro, parsley, a touch of cayenne pepper, maybe some taco spice

    cook on grill or broil or bake

    Also grill or saute some onions and green peppers

    Top cooked chicken with a little cheese, the onions and green peppers, some salsa, sliced avacado, and sour cream, if you like it.

    Served with black beans and a salad.

    Using Forman grill takes 10-15 min depending on size of grill, If you can grill veggies and chicken at the same time about 7 min.
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    Orange Roughy
    can of diced tomatoes
    green pepper cut into strips
    onion cut into strips

    put in casserole dish and bake at 350* for 30 min or til fish flakes easily with a fork

    serve over cooked rice with a tad bit of soy sauce if you like
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    marinate with olive oil, lemon, parsley, dill, garlic powder and onion powder

    Broil til fish flakes easily with a fork

    Serve with steamed broccoli or Asparagus or spinach salad

    Serve with rice... good with brown rice.

    Dip in melted butter, lemon, garlic powder, parsley, dill
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    Slice eggplant and let it drain. Marinate with olive oil, basil, parsley. Top with garlic. Grill ( on foreman) til eggplant is cooked about 7- 10 min. Top with marinara sauce.

    Marinate Portabella in Italian dressing and balsamic vinegar if you like. Grill 7-10 min

    Serve with Spaghetti squash or a Salad or an Artichoke
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    If so, try this.

    Pizza Spaghetti

    Place cooked spaghetti in casserole dish. Add enough pizza sauce to make it soupy. (You don't want it to dry out in the oven.)

    Top as you would a regular pizza (I usually use cooked chicken instead of pepperoni.) and bake on 375 until cheese melts and is bubbly.

    Takes about an hour from start to finish. Tossed salad and/or fruit goes well. Sometimes I add an apple salad.

    Apple Salad

    1 apple per person, peeled and chopped
    raisins - if using the tiny boxes, one per person - if
    regular size, one for every two people
    carrots, a few shredded
    mayonaise/miracle whip type stuff
    milk - regular, evaporated, soy, almond, etc. (I've used all
    of these with success.)

    Mix all together to desired consistency. (At my house, sometimes it's soupy sometimes not!) This is one of those "fagile" salads. You want to use this within 24 hours. Best though, eaten same day made.


    Sorry this is so vague. I very seldom measure for these. Spaghetti reheats well. Will also freeze well, so can be made ahead when you're feeling good and thawed and baked later.
    Sometimes I will assemble "today" and bake the next evening.

    Hope this helps,

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    or Italian sausage, put links or Italian sausage in shallow pan
    on low with water , then once water is boiled off add a can of frozen can of apple juice , cook untill juice thickens then serve.