Have homeopathics helped anyone??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spartanjt, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. spartanjt

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    Curious if anyone else has tried homeopathy and gotten any relief in their symptoms?

    I've been doing homeopathics for detox, lymph drainage , etc. under the care of a D.O. for the past 6 months , and really have not felt much benefit from them.

    My understanding is that it takes quite a while for these remedies to work,and that 6 months is not much time compared to the 10 years i've been having problems. So i'm not sure how long i should continue w/these before the fatigue and the "brain" problems of fogginess/feeling of slight disequilibrium begin to improve.

    The detox part of the treatment is primarily to help move metals out of the body,,,,as i had my 15 amalgam filled molars replaced w/composite fillings about 2 years ago.

    Looking for feedback from anyone else who's tried homeopathy and what success, if any, they've had.

  2. hope-floats

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    Any thoughts?
  3. yellowbird

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    several different remedies prescribed to me by a homeopath, these did nothing for my fatigue or the depression I was having at the time. When I went on anti-depressants and became less depressed, the homeopath tried to take credit for that improvement!
    I really don't believe in this treatment.

  4. nygirl

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    I tried homeopaths for a while. They treated my symptoms with little to no success but I found it very expensive and, of course, my insurance didn't cover it. I think that acupuncture was somewhat successful but I feel like my money is better spent getting a massage...