Have i been taken in again by naturpath/homoepath PM

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    Anybody know anything about homepathic medicine. This lady came pretty highly recommened shes and ND homepath dr. and been very ill her self, i pd. sent hair anaylsis (how accurate is that alone?) she did complete workup even tested my supps. i sent her and nixed a lot of them to put me on the following whateve they are , she said my hair sample had 0 vit. c which i was not taking any excep in a b liquid complex, i guess time will tell i do know fecal and hair thru doctors data showed some metal tox. after i had my mercury removed, well i guess desparate we try and try don't we anyk imput here?? here's what she found . She also says that she has a HGH homepathic that really works i voiced concerns after reading some of klutzo comments,
    again i guess time will tell i "ain't" got a lot to lose

    Here is what I found:
    When you have an impaired system from a Vitamin C deficiency, your body does not excrete arsenic which all plant matter is loaded with.
    Instead it stays in your system poisoning you.
    Normal people would have a high arsenic level.
    You have zero, thus it is staying in your system.
    I also found aluminum poisoning.

    Arsenic - 0
    Aluminum - 300
    Uranium - 300
    Imbalances point to Amoeba infestation
    Resistance to fungus - 0

    Tests run on medications and supplements:
    ALL are not good to take except for the following:

    Transfer factor
    Transfer factor plus
    Digestives enzymes
    Barley green
    Multi (take daily) vit.

    Recommended remedies:
    Vitamin C 8,000 mgs per day divided in the form of C-salts; 1-800-325-2664
    Arsenicum album 30C 1 dose per day for 2 weeks
    Arsenicum album 200C 1 dose per day for 3 days
    Arsenicum album 1M 1 dose per week for 4 weeks
    Arsenicum album 10M 1 dose then wait.
    Phosphoric acid 1M 1 dose per hour for 3 doses
    Chamomile 200C 1 dose per day for 1 week then 1 dose per week for 10 weeks
    Ipecahuana 200C 1 dose per hour for 3 doses, then 1 dose per day for 1 week
    Antimonium tart 200C 1 dose per hour for 3 doses, then 1 dose per day for 1 week

    she is in SC
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    HOW DO YOU EVALUATE WHETHER THEY WOULD BE GOOD ON ALLERGIES? I was told by a naturopath that German medicine was good for treatment of overreaction to allergens? Do you know if that is homeopathy and whether they are good with that? AMELIA
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    is also an MD - I don't believe just anybody can call themselves a homeopath, however anyone can sell you homeopathic remedies. I agree with the other response about taking so many things at once. Its standard to only give 1 remedy at a time. I have been to a natropathic doc. who gave more than 1 homeopathic med at a time but my homeopathic doc will only try 1 thing at a time. What kind of test was done to see if your supplements & meds were compatible w/your body? Sounds like something in there ought to make a difference. Hope you feel better soon.
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    Paul, you may be wise to be concerned, I think. First, I know that hair analysis is very controversial. You might do a web search on it to see what you can learn (check the quackwatch website, e.g.). My doc - who prescribes homeopathics and herbal remedies - has ordered many tests for me, but not hair analysis. Also, when we start new treatments, we do so slowly; we give individual ones time to have some effect before adding others. Others on this forum may have different experiences.

    I hope you are better soon.
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    I have recently posted two messages for you regarding Mestonin. I had asked on the board if anyone had experience with it and I was told to post a message for you. Can you give me some advice? I did start taking it last Sunday and Monday, by Tuesday morning I decided no more. I don't know if I would have been sick with or without it but decided just in case it was from the medication I wasn't going to continue for now. Can I ask how it affected you and do you still take it? Any information you have would be appreciated.