Have I got CFS?

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    Hi all

    I have been lead to believe by my so called doctors that I have IBS...I have suffered from the following symptoms for 14 yrs and am now 31 yrs old:

    Abdominal pains, very severe at times
    Lower back pain
    Constant fatigue with no energy and feel like I could sleep forever!
    Aching limbs
    Very weak bladder
    Hot and cold sweats for no apparent reason, not matter what the room temperature is i.e. my skin can feel hot enough to fry eggs on and I'll be submerged under the covers with a hoy water bottle shivering!
    Nasty "turns" i.e. sitting on the loo, constipated one minute, the next it all comes out at once! This is accompanied by nausea and pains that make me feel I wanna curl up and die, the room blacks out, very cold sweat, and if I am not careful I pass out before I make it to lie down afterwards when i just wanna sleep forever! Incidently my mother and her mother have suffered from these "Turns" but my older sister doesn't. Is this a hereditory thing?
    Very bad short term memory
    Dry skin
    Sores on my inner thighs (look like boils, but very pussy and painful when touched)
    Raging thurst most of the time
    My weight goes up and down like a yo-yo!

    I have been diagnosed as having anything from a fever for the last 14 yrs, to being too stressed out! What a load of crap. I am as laid back as they come. I have tried colonic irrigation, have had a colonoscopy (clear), blood tests for who knows what (my doctors didn;t even tell me what they were testing for!), I have discovered I have allergies to various food types and have abstained from them for the last 8 months but still no change in my health. I have been off work for the last 4 months and am desperate for answers. I have also tried taking suppliments that I can't even remember coz my memory is so bad!

    If any one is or has been in this situation, with my symptoms, before, or can tell me if they think it sounds like CFS, I would love to hear from you. I gave up on my docs years ago, and am convinced that self diagnosis and research is my only option. My docs just write me off as a hypocondriac!

    Please help :)

    Many thanks , Ali xxxx
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    I,d worry about the dizzy spells and forgetfulness more than anything.what about hypoglycemia? first thing you should do is switch doctors.maybe even go to aspecialist for your stomache.it could be more than one thing.you just need to fight to get well and don,t give in.you should also check out sleep apnea.good -luck. get well.