Have I got ME?

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    I have been unwell for some time and visiting the doctor off and on trying to find out what is wrong with me. I am beginning to feel like some kind of fraud because all the test they do show "no real abnormalities" but I am not imagining this. I am getting desperate and by sending this to you (and other organisations) hope that I can get some help in finding out what is wrong and, therefore, getting better. I don't expect anyone out there to diagnose what is wrong, I just hope that any organisation for a specific complaint (that sound something like my symptoms) would know more about that complaint than a GP. This is threatening my job (my employers do not find it amusing that I have fallen asleep a few times now at work) and seriously affecting my life.

    In September of last year (2001) I had Salmonella poisoning. This was whilst we were on holiday in Spain. I had severe sickness and diarrhoea and was in intense pain. I was not aware of time or place and was unable to stand unassisted. The Spanish Doctor I saw advised that I should go straight to hospital. However, I saw another doctor who said it might not be necessary to go to hospital – he gave me three injections and tablets to take; I also had to drink 3 litres of flat coca cola (with a spoonful of salt in each bottle). Since then I have had various problems

    I have a bad taste in my mouth most of the time. My tongue can be a vivid shade of green or white and “furry”. No amount of tooth cleaning affects this. I have three or four bowel movements a day on average

    I swell up – can vary between size 16 and size 20 (up and down) during the course of a day. It feels as though my skin is too tight – that it is about to burst – it is painful to bend.

    My feet can vary between size 5 and size 7

    There are days when I have to remove my rings (with difficulty) before my hands and fingers get too big. People can actually see me getting bigger - not quickly but the swelling is noticeable to people who know me.

    My joints ache. The only joints which do not seem affected are my elbows. The other joints ache in varying degrees not necessarily the same joints to the same degree all the time. Sometimes the ache in a joint becomes pain and I have difficulty moving that joint – it seems very stiff (the worst affected seem to be my knees, hips and left shoulder). My knees are cold. My legs above and below my knees will feel warm (to me and to the touch) but my knees are cold. When I have a lot of pain I start to sweat and sometimes feel sick. I also get muscle ache, mainly in my thighs.

    I am tired all the time (both physically and mentally). I sleep badly (restlessly) I wake with discomfort at about 4:30am most mornings and try to go back to sleep I usually now give up at about 5 or 5:30 and get up. I am then sleepy during the course of the day and can find it difficult to concentrate or stay awake (I have “nodded off” at work). I try to stay up in the evening until at least 10pm (trying to get back into some kind of normal rhythm). This has been going on for some months now.

    Even a small amount of exertion makes me physically tired and out of breath. Bending seems to make it harder to breath.

    None of the symptoms seem to be affected by what I eat, drink or do. I swell up (or not) whether I am active or sedentary, sitting or standing, hot or cold.

    It is like just “coming down with” or recovering from flu.

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    I think most of us here would hesitate to give a diagnosis to you, you are right. But M.E. is also known as CFIDS+FM, or just Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. If you go to our Library Section, go to KEYWORD SEARCH, and hit the arrow til you get to the one you want, You will find many, many wonderful articles describing, or whatever...what you are looking for...I hope. If not, I'd suggest doing a Google Search on the Internet- and type in ME(if you have the spelling!). I hope you find some answers soon! God Bless You!
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    I would not hesitate a guess in regards to your symptoms.Sounds like he** to me.You must be in a great deal of pain.One thing to consider is that Salmonella and Giardia infestations can at times remain in our bodies even after treatment.If it were me I would contact the CDC in Atlanta and speak to someone in the Infectious Disease dept.(Dr.Michael Beach if he is still there is great) or go to a infectious disease Dr. where you are.Salmonella can be nasty and it may be possible that it is still in your GI tract.If your treatment was too short or you were on long term antibiotic treatment you may have contracted a serious bacteria or fungal infection as a result.Again I would not know as I am not a Dr. but from my experience parisites can cause massive bloating,swelling,joint aches,and the white and furry tongue can be a sign of a bacteria infection or candida.I have known several people who have had Giardia that was not treated effectively and they were is grave pain with similar symptoms.The CDC has very effective information on all parisites and symptoms these nasty buggers can cause us.It may not be a parisite but,please get to a Dr. immediately whose expertise is in the area of parisitology so they can rule it out.

    I hope you find out soon and please hang in there.

    Best regards,
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    Everything you say are classic symptoms. + by the time you get a diagnosis of ME its well set in and from my experience the medical profession are of no help whatsoever.
    My daughter now 18 had almost the exact same symptoms starting 4 yrs ago. We discovered she had a Mycoplasma bacteria, your replies are absolutely right and I have some good news for you too.
    3 Months ago I gave her a course of Olive Leaf Extract, along with Multivitamin & Minerals, Evening Primrose Oil, magnesium, and extra Vit B complex, 'need the others to build up the immune system again'.
    The OLE has made an amazing difference, she is so much better in such a short time i`m amazed.
    Please give it a try, it`s not expensive + from a Health shop .
    Look up OLE in the Library section + Mycoplasmas too.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery