Have moles warts or other growths?

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  1. debbym

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    I have moles brown, flesh colored and dark. Have always had dark moles on my chest. Many doctors try to panic when they see them until they hear I have had them all my life. But in the last few years I have developed many more brown, black and flesh moles all over my body. Not only that, I have warts once again. I ask doctors why and they just shrug. Anyone else have this problem?
  2. averilpam

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    I've always had them. Some are quite large, most are small and like dark freckles. Most have been around always, some new ones. I also occasionally get small warts on my back. (Lots of my moles are on my back) I also have lots of skin tags on my neck. They don't look too good but are pretty small mostly so I don't worry about them.
  3. tandy

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    I have quite alot of moles on my back! I used to have the "big dipper" on my belly but I had most of it removed using that freezing treatment.Then they just swell,shrivel up and fall off!! Now I am noticing a few skin tags!!!eeeekk!! ugly lil things!! I might get those taken off too!!
    keep smilin :)
  4. Jen F

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    on my abdomen, felt a little awkward wearing a bikini.

    Other than that, had a cute, flat mole on my foot and a couple in other places. That's it.

    Then, I turned about 21 and moles started appearing all over my body and keep coming. Like somebody spatterred dots of brown paint on me.

    Now I WISH for only those 3 little moles on my tummy! by the time I'm 50 maybe I will be completely dark skinned? All the moles will amalgamate???

    Mine are mostly flat and some are small like freckles and apparently I am still attractive to men, thank goodness, but they are really cramping MY style and I would like them to stop.

    My mother [born a redhead] has freckles,but no moles like this.

    I was once told it was related to liver not functioning optimally and that could get it to stop [with proper healing treatments] Gives me hope for the future that it will stop. But right now, they're not my biggest concern in life...

    Spotted Jen
  5. Patti2

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    Since I have had cancer I am scheduled to have 3 removed on Thursday of this week. One on my right shin bone they said in is going inward, and 2 small ones on my left leg. The dermetolgist said she needed to remove the tags to which were also discolored! My ex husband use to say he was going to connect the dots on my back, but I never gave it a second thought. They are checking for melinoma, another hurry up and wait thing...
  6. FranWi

    FranWi New Member

    I've had a cluster of warts on one arm, some fingers, and one knee for the longest time. Nothing worked to get rid of them, in fact when I used the remover stuff, they seemed to spread.

    Anyway, the other day when I was helping a customer haul some boxes to his van, I happened to notice my arm - No Warts! I was so shocked I nearly dropped the box! I couldn't believe it.

    I've been taking Eurobotanicals Sleep and Slim and it did say it improves skin tone - I just didn't expect this! Wow, nice side-effect! I only have a couple left that are still vanishing. I hope they all stay gone!



  7. pgename

    pgename New Member

    This is weird. I too have a lot of moles. I have never had a wart though. I wonder if there is some sort of connection between moles and fibro?
  8. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    I get these constantly since the fibro, skin tags, mostly on chest, neck area, near underarm area, flat light moles on arms appearing all the time.

    I use one of those flat loofah scrubbers in the shower, I scrub really hard and am real consistent with using it, it will remove the tags & moles. You have to really scrub hard but it does do it. I have snipped off the tags, I know you are not supposed to but I do anyway. They do not come back. I do put neosporin on them after I snip (they bleed a lot) and cover with a bandage for a few days, they never come back either. They are an annoyance as they itch like crazy.

  9. samjenkin

    samjenkin New Member

    I have dark brown and flesh covered moles that started on my temples and have now spread to cover my face, shoulders and top of my breasts. The ones on my face are raised and ugly, but benign. If anyone has any ideas for removal, please let me know. I have so many now I hardly have any decent skin left on my face.


  10. Dara

    Dara New Member

    by my Dermatologist. He said that anytime a mold started itching, turned dark, or started bleeding that was a warning sign. I would recommend having a dermatologist check out all your moles. Mine were burned and/or frozen off, my daughter had some that were pre-melanoma and had to be surgically removed. It is something you don't want to ignore. Please be sure and have them checked by a good Dermatologist.

  11. Sweetmia

    Sweetmia New Member

    I had never had a wart until 3 years ago when I became extremely ill once again because of my CFS. I feel they arise because of our weakened immune system.
    To rid yourself of a wart --I know this sounds crazy, but it was documented by a doctor--put duct tape on the wart.
    The irritation caused by the duct tape caues your immune system to respond and destroy the wart. It truly works--I tried everything (medicines prescribed by a dermatologist) nothing worked until I used duct tape!!
  12. babyzee

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    It's well worth the cost to see a professional dermatologist on a regular basis. So much better to have a small excision or freezing done than develop skin cancer.
  13. sandy10seven

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    If they're benign growths, your insurance may not pay for removal, unless you give a reason like irritation, itching or disfigurement. I didn't realize that once when I had one removed and the insurance didn't pay. Even though it was irritated by clothing, I just didn't think to tell the Dr.

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  14. ksp56

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    I've had moles since a very young age. When I was in my earlier teens, our family doctor said they were viral! I don't know if this is still the thinking or not. He said that is why I was so prone to viral illness.

    I do have mine checked yearly by a dermatologist. It is my safeguard.