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    Upon suspicion of Lyme, I asked my doctor to run a Western Blot by Igenex.

    She called yesterday to say it was positive for bands 41 & 33. DH picked up the report today.

    So here I sit, looking at a Quest Labs (Focus in CA?) (Which I will have to pay for I am sure because Focus isn't in my network and Focus is probably useless, no?) report which ultimately says I am negative because I needed to test for several bands.

    Here is the real deal with *me* reading the actual report:

    Cardio CRP 10.1 (out of range) what does this mean?

    18 KD (IGG) BAND Reactive

    41 KD (IGG) BAND Reactive

    So my question: The LLMD that I called told me to start the Doxy as called in by this other doctor.

    Should I do this or wait for the LLMD to run the Western Blot? The appt is in 2 weeks.
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    As always PJ1954, I appreciate your response.
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    and then couldn't find the info I wanted to post. It is not unusual after any length of time to be positive on only 2 bands. This article explains it:


    My best,
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    I appreciate you taking the time to post the link and your reply. I am hoping when I go to the doctor that I get more answers and get some medicine to fight this thing once and for all. I can't live like this much longer. I know, I am preachin' to the choir!
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    Are you newly diagnosed? How long have you been in treatment?

    I am in NJ and have an appt in 1.5 weeks with a doctor in CT. A friend of a friend referred me to her and said she had severe Lyme and this doctor gave her 90% of her life back. She is on my insurance. But...Upon further investigation, she is not an LLMD, she is an ID doctor that treats Lyme.


    So, I am trying to get an appt with Dr. LF in NJ who I have heard is great but I am waiting for a call back. The receptionist said it would probably be an appt in August.

    So...my new dilemma is do I go to CT to the ID doctor in less than two weeks, start her protcol while I wait for the LLMD to see me or just do nothing until I get to the LLMD.

    I've been sick for 1.5 years so I was hoping the sooner I caught this and treated it, the better chance I have of getting a good part of my life back.

    What would you do? As usual, my head is spinning....

    I want to do the right thing here and kill this Lyme once and for all.


    We are stronger than we think and stronger than we ever wanted to be. We will not go down without a fight.
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    I would call the ID doctor's office and ask straight out: does the doctor believe in treating with long-term abx? If they question your inquiry, say that you heard a lot of ppl are not "cured" with only a short course of abx. See how they respond, and go from there.

    Why shouldn't they be aware that potential patients are looking for longer courses of abx, and expect to be taken seriously?

    Best wishes.
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    I totally disagree with your doc. You can get alot of info from having the western blot through igenex. Mine came up CDC positive!

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    Seems to me that your results show some band activity. IMHO, one positive band is signficant.

    If she's the doc in West Caldwell NJ I'd wait to see her. She is terrific!

    Cardio CRP is a measurement of C Reactive Protein or an indicator of heart disease or body-wide inflammation. It could be high from a recent trauma. Mine was high before Lyme treatment and is now normal.

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    She is the same doctor so we are on the same page. Now I am really looking forward to seeing her. Can't wait for that appt next week. :)